August 28, 2015
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 13rd Win in Row By Spartanburg Over All-Stars Vehorn, Frank; 1967 
 2Vuckovich Steps Up Pace  1971 
 3Deal Bolsters Phil Hill Staff n; 1972 
 4Spear-Carrier Vukovich Becomes Brewer Kingpin Whiteside, Larry; 1973 
 5Lyle's Spark Missing--Three Games, Three HRs n; 1973 
 6Money Starts to Bulge in Brewers' Wallet Chapman, Lou; 1973 
 7Sparky to Give Reds Refresher in Fundamentals Lawson, Earl; 1975 
 8Red Vets Face Hot Tussle With Kids for Steady Jobs Lawson, Earl; 1975 
 9Concepcion Wants Pay to Match His Play Lawson, Earl; 1975 
 10'Sauce' Providing Dash of Spice To Phil Staff Bodley, Hal; 1979 
 11Spare-Part Vukovich Plugs Phil Defense Bodley, Hal; 1980 
 12Zimmer Joins Old Chum's Staff Van Dyck, Dave; 1983 
 13 Brown, Bill; 1990 
 14The Phanatic Phillie Pierce, Charles; 1992 
 15The Dazzling Dozen: Dave Hollins Wendel, Tim; Rains, Rob; Snyder, Deron; 1992 
 16Everyday Play Becomes Hollins Lawes, Rick; 1992 
 17Philadelphia Phillies  1996 
 18Up Against The Wall: Phillies' 'new' Outfielder Wants to Step Up His Output Koenig, Bill; 1996 
 19Third Baseman Scott Rolen, a Budding Star For Phillies: His All-around Play in '97 Made Him the Leading Candidate For National League Rookie of the Year Award Etkin, Jack; 1997 
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