August 28, 2015
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 11985 Year-end Report on the SABR DH Survey Sullivan, John L;  
 2The DH -- a Logical Concept of Innovative Baseball Sullivan, John L;  
 3Sullivan Playing Base-Ball: Successful as an Attraction, But Not So Good As a Pitcher  1883 
 4Sullivan as An Umpire  1886 
 5  1892 
 6  1896 
 7When I Played the Game Sullivan, John L.; 1909 
 8When the Players Were Polite  1915 
 9Players You Ought to Know Sawyer, C. F.; 1921 
 10On the Eve of the Spring Training Campaign Phelon, W. A.; 1922 
 11  1939 
 12  1949 
 13  1958 
 14Kid Sullivan Boosting Bid as No. 3 Bengal Backstop Spoelstra, Watson; 1962 
 15Aguirre, McAuliffe Expected to Pocket Bengal Pay Boosts Spoelstra, Watson; 1962 
 16A Study in Brown Sullivan, John; 1966 
 17Westrum Ready to Go; Opening Lineup All Set Kremenko, Barney; 1967 
 18Up-and-Down Boozer Gets New Shot at Phil Hill Post Lewis, Allen; 1969 
 19Sullivan Out to Win Phil Catching Job Lewis, Allen; 1969 
 20Clint Hurdle Takes Major Strides Brockmann, John; 1976 
 21How High Can Clint Hurdle Fly? Time Will Tell For Omaha Phenom Ewoldt, Jay; 1977 
 22Royals' Outfield To Depend On Willie Wilson Black, Del; 1978 
 23Royals Retain Herzog, Drop Lau as Coach Black, Del; 1978 
 24Starting From Scratch Ribowsky, Mark; 1978 
 25'Strike' Means Fight To Braves Picking, Ken; 1980 
 26Take Me Out To the Ball-game': Baseball in Song Exhibit Opens Sullivan, John; 1991 
 27Boxing and Baseball Charlton, Jim; 2003 
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