August 31, 2015
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 1Batting and Pitching Morril, John; Tim Keefe; 1884 
 2Wright & Ditson's Book on Batting, Fielding, Pitching and Base Running Morrill, John; Tim Keefe; 1885 
 3How to Play Baseball Aldridge, Arthur F., compiler; 1889 
 4  1892 
 5  1892 
 6  1896 
 7The Championship of Thirty Years Ago Morrill, John F.; 1908 
 8The Innocuous Desuetude of a Baseball Captain  1926 
 9John Francis Morrill (Honest John) Richardson, Bob; 1989 
 10Cap Anson 2: The Theatrical and Kingly Mike Kelly, U.S. Team Sport's First Media Sensation and Baseball's Original Casey at the Bat Rosenberg, Howard W.; 2004 
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