August 30, 2015
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 1Herman, Near End of His Rope, Sees His Swatting Mark Climb Montague, John; 1967 
 2Hey You, Judge, Here Come Da John: Mayberry a Mighty Man Montague, John; 1968 
 3Orioles Tweet-Tweet Over Young Wings in Florida Brown, Doug; 1969 
 4If Orioles Are Worried in Least, It's About Hitters, Not Pitchers Jackman, Phil; 1972 
 5Montague Gets Dominican Loop `Welcome' Comarazamy, Roosevelt; 1972 
 6Expos Boast Choice Items on Swap Counter MacDonald, Ian; 1973 
 7Aaron's Memory Hazy About 1951 Trip to Twin City Montague, John; 1974 
 8Moment Frozen In History Montague, John; 1974 
 9Montague Reaches 5-0 With Wild No-Hitter Ash, Tom; 1976 
 10Topps' Awards Go to Hot Hitters n; 1976 
 11Denver and Okla. City Dominate Stellar Team n; 1976 
 12Templeton, Dawson and Kemp Top A.A. Talent Swanson, Pete; 1976 
 13Up and Down Montague Soars To An A.L. Record Zimmerman, Hy; 1977 
 14M's Reward Meye With Richer Pact Zimmerman, Hy; 1978 
 15Johnson Set Goal For M's: 70-Plus Victories Zimmerman, Hy; 1978 
 16M's Find Relief - Rawley Back Zimmerman, Hy; 1979 
 17M's Worry Over a Gap in Bullpen Zimmerman, Hy; 1979 
 18Montague Becomes a 'Thinking' Reliever Zimmerman, Hy; 1979 
 19Nichols Falls One Shy of Carolina Hit Mark Montague, John; 1979 
 20Mystery Man Angels' Hero Miller, Dick; 1979 
 21A No-Hitch Switch For Winston-Salem's Tyler Montague, John; 1979 
 22Major League 1989 Year & Notebook Montague, John, Ed.; 1989 
 23Major League Year & Notebook 1990 Montague, John, Ed.; 1990 
 241-2 Punch of Bullpens Measured Montague, John; Herman, Bruce; 1991 
 25If Jackson Kept Playing...Bo's Numbers Would Not Add Up To Hall of Fame Greatness Montague, John And Herman, Bruce; 1991 
 261991 Major League Year & Notebook Montague, John, Ed.; 1991 
 271991 Minor League Digest Montague, John, Ed.; 1991 
 281992 Baseball Blue Book Montague, John, Ed.; 1992 
 29Directory of Professional Baseball 1992 Montague, John, Ed.; 1992 
 30Major League Year and Notebook 1992 Montague, John, Ed.; 1992 
 31Minor League Digest 1992 Montague, John, Ed.; 1992 
 32Major League Year and Notebook 1993 Montague, John, Ed.; 1993 
 332002 Baseball Blue Book Montague, John, Ed.; 2002 
 34USA Today Baseball Weekly 2002 Fans Guide Montague, John, Ed.; 2002 
 35The Baseball Bluebook 2002 Baseball Review and Total Player Register Montague, John, Ed.; 2002 
 36USA Today Sports Weekly Baseball 2003 Fans Guide Montague, John, Ed.; 2003 
 37The Baseball Bluebook 2003 College Baseball Guide and Scouting Register Montague, John, Ed.; 2003 
 382003 Baseball Bluebook, Our 95th Year Montague, John, Ed.; 2003 
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