August 28, 2015
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 1Padres Bless Grubb's Outfield Efforts Collier, Phil; 1973 
 2Chisox Make Wise Compensation Choice Gammons, Peter; 1982 
 3Sox Make History in Compensation Markus, Bob; 1982 
 4Loss of Young Skinner Upsets G.M. Peterson Feeney, Charley; 1982 
 5Costly Vets Headed For a Pool Gammons, Peter; 1983 
 6Hulett and Skinner Won't Sit Goddard, Joe; 1983 
 7Denver Sweeps To League Title  1983 
 8Skinner's Fate Rests With Fisk Goddard, Joe; 1985 
 9Harrelson's Blueprint Includes Fisk Goddard, Joe; 1985 
 10It's Chin Up, Head Down For Skinner Goddard, Joe; 1986 
 11`Left Fielder' For Chisox Goddard, Joe; 1986 
 12 Madden, Bill; 1989 
 13Indians Swap Hall to Yanks  1989 
 14Skinner Shines in Alomar's Absence  1991 
 15Cleveland Indians (cont.) STATS, Inc.; 1991 
 16Cleveland Indians Lawes, Rick; 1992 
 17Cleveland Indians (cont.) STATS, Inc.; 1992 
 181995 Minor League Directory: Cleveland Indians  1995 
 19Big Numbers, Futures for Our Best of '98 Winston, Lisa; 1998 
 20Minor League MVPs  2000 
 21The Rest of the Clans Stewart, Wayne; 2002 
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