August 29, 2015
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 1Cards Chop Dead Wood; Protect 2 Young Sluggers Russo, Neal; 1967 
 2Cards Nix Shorter Fences; They'll Stick With Speed Russo, Neal; 1968 
 3Tulsa, Columbus Place 4 Each on AAA All-Stars  1968 
 4Cardinals Hoping Hague Can Put Oomph in Attack Russo, Neal; 1968 
 5Champ Tulsa Places Three on PCL '68 All-Star Team  1968 
 6Oilers Blend Defense, Pitching and Swatting Into Rocket Fuel Ferguson, John; 1968 
 7Hague Learns How to Relax--And Oilers Reap HR Rewards Ferguson, John; 1968 
 8Redbirds Twitter Over Rookie Pair of Hague And Day Broeg, Bob; 1969 
 9The `H' Squad Giving Heft to Cardinals Russo, Neal; 1969 
 10Redbirds Grumble at Red's Tactics Russo, Neal; 1969 
 11Winter Ball Adds Sheen To Torrez' Mound Feats Russo, Neal; 1970 
 12Hague's Hasty Getaway Traced To Longer Waits Russo, Neal; 1970 
 13Davalillo, Hague Serve Redbirds Well in Clutch Russo, Neal; 1970 
 14Revised Redbirds Pick Brock For Right Field Job Broeg, Bob; 1970 
 15Horrible Home Mark Galls Redbirds Russo, Neal; 1970 
 16Statistics Tell Story of Feasts at Cards' Expense Russo, Neal; 1970 
 17Slow-Starting Licey Close to Championship Vicioso, Fernando; 1970 
 18Hague Aiming For Hotter Bat Against West Russo, Neal; 1971 
 19Kid Infielders, Pickets Delight Cards Broeg, Bob; 1971 
 20Cards Search for Punch to Offset So-So Fielding Broeg, Bob; 1972 
 21Prospect of 13th Loss in a Row Spurs Santorini to Snap His Hex Russo, Neal; 1972 
 22Dealer Devine Shakes Up Plummeting Redbirds Russo, Neal; 1972 
 23Hague Hopes Cardinals Call Regularly for His Services Russo, Neal; 1972 
 24Redbirds No. 1 Threat to Buccos, But... Russo, Neal; 1972 
 25Reds' McRae Tired of His Spear-Carrier Role Lawson, Earl; 1972 
 26Red Battler Rose Inching Toward .300 Goal Lawson, Earl; 1972 
 27Richie's Wisecracks Matched by His Crackling Bat Lawson, Earl; 1973 
 28Driessen's Bat Helps Reds Smile Despite Hill Collapse Lawson, Earl; 1973 
 29Concepcion, Nelson Look Extra Sharp in Rebound Efforts Lawson, Earl; 1974 
 30Potpurri: New Top 10 On Lost Players Most Wanted List Madden, Bill; 1985 
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