September 21, 2014
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 1A Run of Two Enough For Greenwood Staff  1978 
 2Cowley Is Braves' Other Gift To Yanks Klein, Moss; 1984 
 3Fresh Troops Give Yankees New Zeal Klein, Moss; 1984 
 4Columbus Hurlers Fire Some Blanks  1984 
 5Cowley Is Learning of Life as a Yankee Klein, Moss; 1985 
 6Cowley Accepts Switch To Bullpen Klein, Moss; 1985 
 7 Hecht, Henry; 1985 
 8Big Fight Developing in Bullpen Klein, Moss; 1985 
 9A Poem To Tell You Why I Named My Son Luke Appling After the White Sox Hall of Fame Shortstop Shuttleworth, Paul; 1985 
 10Yankees Achieve Their Goals Klein, Moss; 1985 
 11Sox Get 'Power-Finesse' Pitcher Goddard, Joe; 1985 
 12Pain-Killing Bonus Deadens Baylor Deal Nightingale, Dave; 1985 
 13From Pinstripes To Prison Stripes Klein, Moss; 1985 
 14Hassey-Braxton Exchange: Double Play Deal Gammons, Peter; 1986 
 15 Goddard, Joe; 1986 
 16Flashes in the Pan Lidz, Franz; 1992 
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