September 1, 2015
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Result Title Author(s) Date
 1Yankees Go Home  1985 
 2The Pain of Perfection Whiting, Robert; 1989 
 3The Boys Who Would Be Cubs: A Year in the Heart of Baseball's Minor Leagues Bosco, Joseph; 1990 
 4American Association Koenig, Bill; 1992 
 5Last-minute Player AA All-Star Hero Koenig, Bill; 1993 
 6Harrisburg Senators Create Sensation in AA Koenig, Bill; 1993 
 7Finalists Renew '92 Matchup Otero, Salo; 1994 
 8Montreal Expos  1995 
 9Montreal Expos  1998 
 10Montreal Expos  1998 
 11Los Angeles Dodgers  2001 
 12Tracy's Job Made Easier By Rotation  2001 
 13Chatter Nightengale, Bob; 2001 
 14Los Angeles Dodgers  2001 
 152001 Los Angeles Dodgers Yearbook Shyer, Brent A., director; 2001 
 16Los Angeles Dodgers Nightengale, Bob; 2001 
 17L.A.'s Tracy Strong, Silent, Successful: Dodgers Buy Into Personality Makeover White, Paul; 2001 
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