August 27, 2015
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 1The Browns Have Ideas  1952 
 2The Reluctant Bombshell Lardner, John; 1952 
 3Jim Rivera: Baseball's Ballyhooed Rookie Kantor, Seth; 1952 
 4Busts of the Training Camp Orr, Jack; 1953 
 5Chicago White Sox  1953 
 6Chicago White Sox  1953 
 7 Bennett, Biff; 1954 
 8Training Problems of Three Pennant Contenders: Bouillon Is Chicago's Gimmick  1955 
 9He Calls It Hustle Richman, Milton; 1955 
 10Secret Ratings of American League Players  1955 
 11Statistics Tell the Story Roth, Allan; 1955 
 12A Baseball Writer's Notebook Young, Dick; 1955 
 13Jim Rivera Talking…. Brown, Warren; 1955 
 14The Chicago White Sox  1956 
 15What They Say in the Dugout About: the White Sox Richman, Milton; and Arthur Richman; 1958 
 16Chicago White Sox -- 2nd Place -- American League Goldberg, Hy; 1958 
 17Chicago White Sox -- 2nd Place -- American League Goldberg, Hy; 1958 
 18Handy Sammy Triple Threat as Chisox Sub Holtzman, Jerry; 1960 
 19I Am a Dugout Doctor Froelich, Ed as told to Charles Dexter; 1960 
 20The Go-Go Chicago White Sox Condon, Dave; 1960 
 21'Ya Gotta Do Better, John,' Said Rivera - Prexy Grinned  1961 
 22Rivera Nabs Kennedy Toss, Raps His 'Bad Handwriting'  1961 
 23New Skipper Rivera Spurs Caguas to Winning Splurge Frau, Miguel; 1962 
 24Slum-Property Deal Backfires On Ball Players Enright, James; 1963 
 25Why Not a Hall of Laughs? Grady, Sandy; 1967 
 26 Kuenster, John; 1970 
 27 DuVall, Bob; 1970 
 28Fan Poems Clark, Tom; 1976 
 29Sport Shirt Bill Gives Chisox Hot Pants Look Holtzman, Jerome; 1976 
 30Stuck on the Sox Lindberg, Rich; 1978 
 31Jim Rivera: Now Ex-Roughneck Sweet-Talks Diners Kiersh, Edward; 1981 
 32Jim Rivera: Out of the Jungle Vanderberg, Bob; 1982 
 33Jim Rivera: But Where's Ingrid Bergman Kiersh, Edward; 1983 
 34One of World Series' Great Classics: '59 White Sox Win Weinberg, Rick; 1989 
 35Franchise All-Nickname Teams: White Sox Zminda, Don; 1999 
 36Jim Rivera Phalen, Rick; 2000 
 37Early Wynn, the Go-Go White Sox and the 1959 World Series Freedman, Lew; 2009 
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