August 29, 2015
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 1The Catfish and the Instant Approach Rumill, Ed; 1966 
 2Nash Heads a Bevy of Young Beauts on Kaycee Slab Staff n; 1966 
 3Solid Roof Protects A's Young Flingers From Swat Storms O'Boynick, Paul; 1966 
 4All-Star Game TV Sponsors Got Big Bonus-Chrysler, R.J. Reynolds, Gillette and Phillips Benefit From Long Game  1967 
 5Hunter Equals '66 Victory Log Over Birds in 6 Days n; 1967 
 6Batters Are Hooked With Catfish on Hill Bordman, Sid; 1967 
 7Dad Finally Sees Hunter Win After Six Failures n; 1967 
 8Will Finley Leave K.C. Defenseless? It's in A.L.'s Lap McGuff, Joe; 1967 
 9Mr. Shutout: Hunter Tops A's Hill Staff McGuff, Joe; 1967 
 10Athletics Plead Not Guilty in A.L. All-Star Flopperoo McGuff, Joe; 1967 
 11Perez Wins Ward Trophy as Star of Game's Stars n; 1967 
 12Four Prizes in A's Hunt For Phenoms McGuff, Joe; 1967 
 13Denny Leaves Mound Foes Far to the Rear  1968 
 14 Hall, Halsey; 1968 
 15Highlight Carry, Peter; 1968 
 16Ticket Selling on A's Program Bergman, Ron; 1968 
 17Finley Tabs Hunter A's First 20-Game Possibility  1968 
 18Catfish Spills Tale of Gumshoes in A's Fuss Bonko, Larry; 1968 
 19All of The Players Liked Kaycee, Hunter Recalls  1968 
 20Truth Stranger Than Fiction, Twins Think Goethel, Arno; 1968 
 21Posedel Wins Plaudits for A's Pitching Bergman, Ron; 1968 
 22No Minor League Experience, But Legion Prepared Catfish: It's a Big Jump From Ahoskie to A's Scott, Jim; 1968 
 23When Catfish Has Relapse, A's Back Him With Salvo of Runs Bergman, Ron; 1968 
 24A's Bar Slider to Prevent Sore Arms Among Pitchers  1968 
 25Russo High on A's  1968 
 26Catfish Made Perfecto Look Easy: Four Balls Well Tagged, But Not One Tough Play Bergman, Ron; 1968 
 27Hunter, Odom, Dobson Spark A's Hill Surge Bergman, Ron; 1968 
 28A Footnote to History--Final Out in Perfecto  1968 
 29Twins' Batters Enjoy Feast When Catfish Serves 'Em  1969 
 30A's Nail A.L. Foes With The Hammer Bergman, Ron; 1969 
 31Mudcat, Catfish Keep A's Battling Upstream Bergman, Ron; 1970 
 32On Bended Knee, Catfish Vows To Shun HR Pitches Bergman, Ron; 1970 
 33Mudcat, at Safe Distance, Lays It on Line for Athletics Bergman, Ron; 1970 
 34Pinch Hitting Can Be a Lonely Job Hunter, Jim; 1970 
 35Blue Is Beautiful as No. 1 Resident On A's Hill Bergman, Ron; 1971 
 36Hunter Bags 12th Victory - With Help of Potent Bat  1971 
 37Catfish Refuses To Take Finley's Bait Bergman, Ron; 1971 
 38Blue, Hunter Turn A's Foes Green With Envy Bergman, Ron; 1971 
 39Williams and A's Gloat - Two Stoppers On Staff  1971 
 40Hunter, Blue and Dew - Battle Cry of Athletics  1971 
 41Hunter Dropped His Hands To Raise Win Total To 20 Bergman, Ron; 1971 
 42Not So Freindly Neighbors Addie, Bob; 1971 
 43Catfish, Prize 1965 Catch, Scales 100 Goal Bergman, Ron; 1972 
 44Rudi's Bat and Glove Help Hunter to Shoot Down Reds Reidenbaugh, Lowell; 1972 
 45Yaz Ends Homer Drouth With Wallop Against A's n; 1972 
 46Catfish Will Seek $80,000 in 1973 Bergman, Ron; 1972 
 47Mutiny and a Bounty Leggett, William; 1973 
 48The 10th Man Cometh Leggett, William; 1973 
 49The Finley Perplex n; 1973 
 50Help For the Pitchers Spink, C.C. Johnson; 1973 
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