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 1Three Two-Time Winners Among Topps May Picks n; 1974 
 2Montefusco Ties Record With 8 Straight Whiffs Eger, Bob; 1974 
 3Rookie Remy Earns Job--Angels May Trade Doyle Miller, Dick; 1975 
 41976 Angels: Strong Like Ox, Swift Like Rabbit Miller, Dick; 1976 
 5Angels Also Have Idols, Poll Shows Miller, Dick; 1976 
 6Mr. Hustle? Rose Has a Challenger in Remy Miller, Dick; 1976 
 7O's May Peddle Unsigned Grich Henneman, Jim; 1976 
 8Even an Angel's Dreams Come True Remy Learns Miller, Dick; 1976 
 9A Not-So-Merry Scoring Decision Holtzman, Jerome; 1976 
 10Thieving Angel Remy Tabbing 50 Steals as His Bag For '77 Miller, Dick; 1977 
 11Angel Voices Sing Mulliniks' Praise Miller, Dick; 1977 
 12Remy To Inject Speed in Bosox Lineup Whiteside, Larry; 1977 
 13Angels Have Captain - Hustling Remy Miller, Dick; 1977 
 14Angels Feel Guilty as Sherry Feels the Ax Miller, Dick; 1977 
 15Zimmer Sees Bosox Winging With Speedy Remy Whiteside, Larry; 1978 
 16Home Free at Last: There's Life After Death Gammons, Peter; 1978 
 17Remy Is Mr. Consistency For Rollicking Red Sox Whiteside, Larry; 1978 
 18A Day of Light and Shadows Schwartz, Jonathan; 1979 
 19Hoping For the Best, Expecting the Worst Keith, Larry; 1979 
 20A Day of Light and Shadows Schwartz, Jonathan; 1979 
 21Red Sox' DP Duo Working Like Pair of Raw Rookies Giuliotti, Joe; 1980 
 22Battling Remy Ready After Injury Siege Giuliotti, Joe; 1980 
 23Remy Eager To Reclaim Bosox Job Giuliotti, Joe; 1981 
 24Bosox' Remy Trying To Make Up For Lost Time Giuliotti, Joe; 1981 
 25Bosox Likely To Lose Four Free Agents Giuliotti, Joe; 1981 
 26Red Sox Balking at Remy Pay Pitch Giuliotti, Joe; 1981 
 27The Unraveling Red Sox Shah, Diane K.; 1981 
 28Second Basemen Riding a Cycle Gammons, Peter; 1982 
 29Hassles Are Over For Red Sox' Remy Giuliotti, Joe; 1982 
 30Remy Achieves Cherished Goal Giuliotti, Joe; 1982 
 31Remy Delivering Key Bosox Hits Giuliotti, Joe; 1982 
 32A Age 42, Yaz Winds Up For Season No. 22 Falls, Joe; 1982 
 33Yaz Is One Tough Out Gammons, Peter; 1982 
 34The O-Fer Awards: Great Moments in Slump History  1983 
 35Never An Excuse By Hustling Remy Giuliotti, Joe; 1983 
 36Those Darned Red Sox Ross, Phillip; 1983 
 37Greater Fall River Baseball: Twenty Five Major Leaguers in One Hundred Years Silvia, Philip, ed.; 1983 
 38Weiskopf, Herman; 1983 
 39Importance of Getting the Leadoff Batter On Base Wasleski, Chuck; 1984 
 40Remy Is Eager To Get Going Giuliotti, Joe; 1984 
 41Second Sacker Remy Causes Rare Balk Call Giuliotti, Joe; 1984 
 42Barrett Makes Most of His Opportunity Giuliotti, Joe; 1984 
 43Buckner Undergoes Elbow Surgery Giuliotti, Joe; 1984 
 44Waived Remy To Get Chance in Spring Giuliotti, Joe; 1985 
 45Stapleton, Remy To Fight For Jobs Giuliotti, Joe; 1985 
 46Taking Infield Angell, Roger; 1985 
 47Taking Infield Angell, Roger; 1985 
 48Remy Bows to Reality Giuliotti, Joe; 1986 
 49Jerry Remy Lautier, Jack; 1990 
 50Randy Johnson: the Most Feared Pitcher in Baseball: When Mariners' Hard-throwing Left-hander Takes the Mound, Batters Don't Relish the Thought of Facing Him Shaughnessy, Dan; 1997 
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