September 3, 2015
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 1Ted's Patience With Grieve Pays Off Whittlesey, Merrell; 1970 
 2A Teen-Age Swat Terror: Denver's Jeff Burroughs Haraway, Frank; 1970 
 3Denver Outdistances Wichita in Five-Hour Marathon, 11-10  1970 
 4Burroughs Adds Big Punch To Nats' Scoring Machine Whittlesey, Merrell; 1970 
 5Bonus Boys Will Man Denver Outfield Spots  1971 
 6Nats' Kids Could Grow Up in Texas Whittlesey, Merrell; 1971 
 7Burroughs' Barking Bat Brightens Nat's Dog Days Whittlesey, Merrell; 1971 
 8Texas Rangers: .......But Will They Love Them in July ? Goldberg, Hy; 1972 
 9Injury Hex Sidetracks Rangers' Kiddie Corps Galloway, Randy; 1972 
 10Ted Expects Snoozing Batters to Wake Up and Spur Rangers Galloway, Randy; 1972 
 11Indianapolis, Tulsa Boasted A.A.'s Brightest Young Talent Swanson, Pete; 1972 
 12Herzog Seeking `Ballplayers, Not Boy Scouts' Galloway, Randy; 1972 
 13Ranger Burke Covers More Ground Heryford, Merle; 1972 
 14Reliever Colborn Starts, Fires a One-Hit Victory n; 1973 
 15Ranger Path Now Smooth, Short Insists Heryford, Merle; 1973 
 16Herzog Must Plug Ranger Infield Holes Heryford, Merle; 1973 
 17Martin Lists Some `Must' Trades Galloway, Randy; 1973 
 18Burroughs Wins Bid for Closer Fences Heryford, Merle; 1973 
 19There's No Place Like Away Weiskopf, Herman; 1974 
 20Nobody Will Catch Aaron McGuff, Joe; 1974 
 21Jeff Burroughs: Best of the Young Power Hitters Rumill, Ed; 1974 
 22Another Beginning for Billy Martin Goldberg, Hy; 1974 
 23The Ugly Sports Fan n; 1974 
 24Ranger Speed May Lift Burroughs' Bat Output Heryford, Merle; 1974 
 25Ranger Jeff Heats Up for HR Shootout Heryford, Merle; 1974 
 26The Rangers Are For Real, Brash Billy Warns Galloway, Randy; 1974 
 27Honors Go to Simmons, Burroughs, Petrocelli n; 1974 
 28Incident or Riot? That Depends on Who's Talking Schneider, Russell; 1974 
 29Beer Bust or Ball Game? n; 1974 
 30Strong Finish at Ballot Box Big Surprise to Burroughs Galloway, Randy; 1974 
 31American League Names Medich Player of Month n; 1974 
 32Rangers Will Lead Parade at Major Awards' Roundup Heryford, Merle; 1974 
 33Burroughs' HR Pace Off, But He's RBI King Galloway, Randy; 1974 
 34Marshall, Hunter, Brock, Burroughs Saluted Spink, C.C. Johnson; 1974 
 35Major Leagues Abound in Stars 26 Years Old and Younger Kuenster, John; ed.; 1975 
 36Jeff Burroughs: Best of the Young Power Hitters Thompson, William; 1975 
 37Jeff Burroughs: Rangers' Muscle Man Schlossberg, Dan; 1975 
 38Do Nice Guys Finish Anywhere? Axthelm, Pete; 1975 
 39No Goals, Just Wins, Says Jeff Addie, Bob; 1975 
 40Complacency No. 1 Enemy to Jeff the Ranger Galloway, Randy; 1975 
 41MVP Jeff Sees Big Change--In Number of Phone Calls Galloway, Randy; 1975 
 42Experts Evaluate Baseball's Best Young Hitters Bortstein, Larry; 1976 
 43Eight Major League Stars On the Spot in '76 Vass, George; 1976 
 44Burroughs Sees 1975 Skid as Trigger for Big Rebound Heryford, Merle; 1976 
 45Bench, Burroughs Win Player of Week Awards n; 1976 
 46Burroughs' Explosive Bat Sends Rangers Into Orbit Heryford, Merle; 1976 
 47Burroughs to Stop Thinking of Homers Galloway, Randy; 1976 
 48Braves Flex New Muscle--Burroughs' Big Bat Minshew, Wayne; 1976 
 49All Braves Want for Xmas is `Another Bat' Minshew, Wayne; 1976 
 50Indians Aim Trade Guns at Hurler and Hitter Schneider, Russell; 1976 
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