December 19, 2014
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 1Tough Sledding For Bonus Beauts Bailey and Gibbs McGuff, Joe; 1961 
 2Yankees Send Aid To Faltering Vees Leonard, Laurence; 1961 
 3Yanks $100,000 Bonus Boy, Gibbs, Raps 5 Hits in Debut Leonard, Laurence; 1961 
 4'Silly Season' in Big Time - Bonus Boys Rake in Chips Kachline, Clifford; 1961 
 5Bonus Bonanza  1961 
 6Gibbs Flashes 100-Grand Style in First Yankee Drill King, Joe; 1961 
 7Yanks Enter Bonus Whirl  1961 
 8Yanks Land Gibbs; Bonus Over 100 Gs  1961 
 9Good Old Days Over, Yankees Plunge Into Bonus Binge: Corral Gibbs as First Step in Cash Battle King, Joe; 1961 
 10Broken Finger Interrupts Gibbs' Switch to Catching  1963 
 11Another Prize Pupil Brightens Hegan-Berra Tech--It's Gibbs Ferdenzi, Til; 1963 
 12A College Education Is Important  1963 
 13Yanks' Nifty Newcomers--Curvers Williams, Kunkel: Stan Slated For Starter Job--Draftee Bill Tabbed Reliever Ferdenzi, Til; 1963 
 14Jake Gibbs--Four Years Later Bisher, Furman; 1965 
 15Ellie Leaps Out Behind Plate So Yanks Can Inspect Gibbs Ferdenzi, Til; 1966 
 16Yankee Rise Backs Houk Winter Vow Ogle, Jim; 1967 
 17In-and-Outer Downing Learns Secret of Mound Consistency Ogle, Jim; 1967 
 18Gibbs on Swat Rampage as No. 1 Yank Backstop n; 1967 
 19Get a Microscope If You Want to See Yank Swat Marks Ogle, Jim; 1967 
 20Allison Lashes a ong Hit; It Turns Into Double Play n; 1967 
 21Variety Bryson, Bill; 1967 
 22Yanks' Gibbs, Howard Duel For Mitt Job Ogle, Jim; 1967 
 23Howard on the Sidelines With a Chipped Knuckle n; 1967 
 24Thunder Gone, Yankees to Say It With Lightning Next Year Ogle, Jim; 1967 
 25200 Attend Annual Clinic of Yankees, Miami Herald n; 1967 
 26The Bombless Bombers--They Specialize in Singles n; 1967 
 27Autograph Hounds Meet the Yankees Ogle, Jim; 1967 
 28The Yankee Label is in Tatters Murray, Jim; 1968 
 29Yanks to Let Fernandez Duel Gibbs For No. 1 Backstop Post Ogle, Jim; 1968 
 30Gibbs: Meeting the Challenge  1968 
 31Yank Age Averages Mere 24.87, But Vet Monbo Vows to Stay Ogle, Jim; 1968 
 32Yankees Fiddle While Buford Burns Bases  1968 
 33Yankee Theme: Deliver Or Get Lost Ogle, Jim; 1968 
 34Yanks Spend Winter Hunting, Preaching, Teaching Ogle, Jim; 1968 
 3517 Big-Time Players Try New Style Shoes Which Have Aluminum Spikes  1968 
 36Yanks' White Has Big Salary Weapon in 'Key RBIs' Total Ogle, Jim; 1970 
 37Gibbs Top-Ranked as Yanks' Back-Up Catcher Ogle, Jim; 1970 
 38 Offen, Neil; 1970 
 39Pitcher in the Wry Axthelm, Pete; 1970 
 40Gibbs Case Pinpoints Yankee Failure To Rebuild Ogle, Jim; 1971 
 41Steady Stopper Stot Cuts Yankee Pitching Worries Ogle, Jim; 1971 
 42Gibbs' Bat Mark Rises as His Weight Shrinks Ogle, Jim; 1971 
 43Spare-Part Gibbs Earns Keep as First-Rate Yankee Fill-In Ogle, Jim; 1971 
 44Yankees Bid So Long To Gibbs, 'Best No. 2 Catcher in Game' Ogle, Jim; 1971 
 45...Rated Ahead of Fran Tarkenton Murray, Tom; 1976 
 46 Schultz, Randy; 1985 
 47Jake Gibbs Heiman, Lee, Dave Weiner And Bill Gutman; 1990 
 48Dooley Womack: the Yankee Saver Kelley, Brent; 1991 
 49Easy as ABC... Masin, Herman L.; 1993 
 501995 Minor League Directory: New York Yankees  1995 
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