September 3, 2015
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 1Campanis Swaps L.A.'s 'Not-Needed' Verrell, Gordon; 1981 
 2Indians Have Faith in Keystone Combo Pluto, Terry; 1982 
 3Baseball Stars of Tomorrow: An Inside Look At the Minor Leagues Gutman, Bill; 1982 
 4M's Add Some Punch With Thomas Barry, Scott; 1983 
 5Perconte Repays M's For a Gamble Plaschke, Bill; 1984 
 6M's Halt Trade Talks On Perconte Plaschke, Bill; 1985 
 7Keller Resigns as Mariners G.M. Plaschke, Bill; 1985 
 8Mariners Aboard a Roller Coaster Plaschke, Bill; 1985 
 9Hell Or High Water, It's Tartabull Street, Jim; 1986 
 10 Plaschke, Bill; 1986 
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