December 18, 2014
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 1Valentine Finds Managing in Tokyo Not So Rosy Marantz, Ken; 1995 
 2New York Yankees  1997 
 3San Diego Padres  1997 
 4New York Yankees  1997 
 5Second-half Samurai  1997 
 6New York Yankees  1997 
 7Separating Fact From Fantasy in 1997 Hunt, John; 1997 
 81997: the Year in Review: July Snyder, Deron; 1997 
 9Four of Our Top 100  1997 
 10Japanese Imports Become Popular Item Marantz, Ken; 1997 
 11Spring Training's Ten Biggest questions Pascarelli, Peter; 1997 
 12Japan's Stars Wanted By U.S.: Nomo's Success Whets American Appetites Fatsis, Stefan; 1997 
 13Baseball Decides Padres Keep Irabu Rights Fatsis, Stefan; 1997 
 14Will Hideki Be the Next Hideo? White, Paul; 1997 
 15Irregular Irabu McCahill, Margaret; 1997 
 16San Diego Padres Report  1997 
 17  1997 
 18Newcomers Coleman, Pat; 1997 
 19New York Yankees  1997 
 20Irabumania in New York Ricigliano, Mike; 1997 
 21Polarizing Public Opinion McQuay, Timothy; 1997 
 22Ohio Is Not a Japanese Word Gamerman, Amy; 1997 
 23Irabu Sent Down  1997 
 24After You've Heard the Ira-Boos, Would You Still Buy An Ira-Book Fatsis, Stefan; 1997 
 25Hideki Irabu Owes His Yankee Bucks To a Tokyo Terror Glain, Steve; 1997 
 26Yankee Fan Nightmare Possibilities Ricigliano, Mike; 1997 
 27Foreign Trade  1997 
 28Dodgers' Stock Rising; When Will It Peak? Williams, Pete; 1997 
 29Irabu Deal Unpopular Marantz, Ken; 1997 
 30New York Yankees  1997 
 31New Baseball Terminology: as a Result of the '97 Season Ricigliano, Mike; 1997 
 32New Baseball Terminology (As a Result of the '97 Season) Ricigliano, Mike; 1997 
 33Yanks' Talent Search Has Run Out of Time Smith, Claire; 1997 
 34New York Yankees  1997 
 35The silent treatment McQuay, Timothy; 1997 
 36Thompson set to conquer Japan: Former Padres first baseman tries to overcome rough start Marantz, Ken; 1997 
 37Plenty More After Nomo Wulf, Steve; 1997 
 38Though Back in the Hunt, the Yankees Feel Ignored Curry, Jack; 1997 
 39New York Yankees  1997 
 40He's a Homer, But For Who? Winston, Lisa; 1997 
 41International Trade Williams, Pete; 1997 
 42He's Got a Sauer Disposition Winston, Lisa; 1997 
 43Battling in the Bronx: Yanks Chase O's On Gimpy Legs Giannone, John; 1997 
 44100 Names You Need To Know For 1997: Rosado, Irabu Top List of Young Pitchers To Watch This Season Winston, Lisa; Paul White; 1997 
 45The Risk of Japanese Imports  1997 
 46Trades That Almost Were Made (Before the July 31st Deadline) Ricigliano, Mike; 1997 
 47Foreign Trade Williams, Pete; 1997 
 48New York Yankees  1997 
 49Japanese Pitcher Irabue To Sit Out the Season If He Can't Play For the Yankees  1997 
 501997 Player Profiles (cont.) STATS, Inc.; 1997 
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