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 1Waitin'  1946 
 2Baseball Reconverts Mann, Arthur; 1946 
 3Dixie Walker's Talented Brother Harry, Outfielder of the St. Louis Cardinals  1947 
 4Harry the Hat  1947 
 5"Harry, the Hat" Miller, Hub; 1948 
 6Speaking of Baseball Winerip, Harold; 1948 
 7The Signatures of the Champions Are Found Only on the Bat of the Champions  1948 
 8  1949 
 9Slugger From Louisville Biemiller, Carl L.; 1949 
 10The Emancipation of Jackie Robinson Gross, Milton; 1951 
 11Who's Who in the American Association of Professional Baseball Clubs Hutchinson, Fred P.,; Tom Briere, Eds.; 1951 
 12Star-Maker Harry walker Horrigan, Jack; 1955 
 13The St. Louis Cardinals  1955 
 14Heat at Half Time  1955 
 15Relaxed Redbird  1955 
 16Sport Week: Sic Transit...Baseball  1955 
 17An Umpire Squawks Back Goetz, Larry as told to Joe Reichler; 1956 
 18Ballplayers and Bugaboos Schuessler, Raymond; 1956 
 19Bill White Ray, Ralph; 1960 
 20Jackson Hurls Roadblocks at Top Clubs: Cards' Rugged Ace Slows Giants' Pennant Dash To Crawl; Cops 8 Wins in Row After Woeful Start Ray, Ralph; 1960 
 21Jackson Swung Potent Stick During 8-Game Win Streak  1960 
 22Hornsby Runaway Bat King; Led By 49 Points On His .424  1961 
 23Trigger-Happy Umps Refusing To Hear Beefs Burnes, Bob; 1961 
 24Card Pilot, Front Office Finally in Step: Keane and Devine Back Youth Movement and Farm System; Lack of Unity Marks Club's 10-Year Flop; G.M. Clashed With Solly On Status of Vets Burnes, Bob; 1961 
 25Card Tutors Teach Vets New Tricks Stockton, Roy; 1961 
 26Skipper Walker Mastermind Maneuvers Backfire on Crax  1963 
 27Force of Habit Gets Walker; Starts for Wings' Clubhouse  1963 
 28How to Bat Walker, Harry; with Tom Meany; Illustrated By Albert Micale; 1963 
 29The '42 Cardinals Broeg, Bob; 1963 
 30Como Batear Walker, Harry; Meany, Tom; 1964 
 31`Just a Little Extra,' Walker Asks Buccos Biederman, Les; 1965 
 32Harry Will Be Reasonable Concerning Player Habits n; 1965 
 33A Regular Clubhouse Lawyer! Hochman, Stan; 1965 
 34Bucs' Brass Elated Over Svelte Crew Biederman, Les; 1965 
 35`You Have to Be Confident, Hungry,' Walker Tells Bucs n; 1965 
 36Strange Sight in Corsair Camp--Murtaugh in Bermuda Shorts Biederman, Les; 1965 
 37"Ten Toes Up" Minshew, Wayne; 1965 
 38Immutable - But Changing  1965 
 39Status Quote  1965 
 40They Can't Even Give It Away  1965 
 41  1965 
 42Vern Law: "No One Expected To See Him Again" Prato, Lou; 1966 
 43The Voice of the Pirates Mann, Jack; 1966 
 44Pilots Hitchcock, Walker Disagree on MVP Choice n; 1966 
 45Fun Season n; 1966 
 46The Charley Horse Race n; 1966 
 47How Can Black Maxers Lose? Mulvoy, Mark; 1966 
 48A Meeting To Sort of Kindle the Flame McHugh, Roy; 1966 
 49Wham! Bam! and Alley Oops Brody, Tom C.; 1966 
 50  1966 
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