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 1 Stiles, Kirk L.; 1934 
 2Hunting Baseball Ivory Evans, Billy; 1935 
 3Curve Balling The Official Records Anderson, Arthur O.W.; 1937 
 4Hal Trosky, Who Led The American League In Runs Batted In For 1936  1937 
 5Hal Trosky's Great Comeback Ward, John J.; 1937 
 6[cover illustration]  1938 
 7What Is the Trend of Power for '39? Kahn, James M.; 1939 
 8In the Dugout Anderson, Arthur O.W.; 1939 
 9Indians Cross the Border Burr, Harold C.; 1939 
 10Baseball Manager's Graveyard; Cleveland Indians Merely Carry On An Old Tradition By Accusing Oscar Vitt of Being Big Chief Sourpuss McLemore, Henry; 1940 
 11Games Guys Cobbledick, Gordon; 1941 
 12How Bad is a Slump? Bloodgood, Clifford; 1942 
 13  1944 
 14  1944 
 15  1946 
 16Hitting the First Pitch Rumill, Ed; 1948 
 17Rookies Have Big Years Bloodgood, Clifford; 1949 
 18The Cleveland Indians Cobbledick, Gordon; 1951 
 19The Sophomore Jinx Kelly, Ray; 1951 
 20Infielders: Anson To Dittmer May, George S.; 1955 
 21Harold Arthur Trosky Smith, Ira L.; 1956 
 22Cleveland's All-Time Best Graham, Frank, Jr.; 1958 
 23Howard's Drives Revive Tape-Measure Tales: Frank's Top Swat Pegged at 560 Feet; Legend Says Ruth Socked 600-Footers Gibbons, Frank; 1960 
 24Vitt Rebellion of '40 Left Bitter Memories For Tribe 'Cry-Babies' McAuley, Ed; 1960 
 25The Middle Class is Gone Robinson, Murray; 1965 
 26Up, Up and Away Kaplan, Jim; 1976 
 27A Batting Rarity: 400 Total Bases in a Season Rasmussen, Larry F.; 1980 
 28These Players Belong to An Exclusive Club McClain, John; 1980 
 2913 Most Forgotten Stars in Major League History Grosshandler, Stan; 1980 
 30Major League Rarity: More RBI Than Games Played Guilfoile, Bill; 1981 
 31In Norway, 'Everybody Plays Baseball' Dukes, Mark; 1984 
 32The 1.000 Hitter And The Undefeated Pitcher Macht, Norman L.; 1989 
 331934: Hal Trosky Honig, Donald; 1989 
 34Headaches Cut Short Trosky's Brilliant Future Bryson, Bill; 1989 
 35These Teams Batted .300 But Were Non-contenders Grosshandler, Stan; 1990 
 36The Crybaby Indians of 1940 Phillips, John; 1990 
 37Here's One of Majors' Most Exclusive Hitting Clubs Thom, John; 1990 
 38Johnson, Trosky Were AL Stalwarts Hines, Rick; 1991 
 39Hal Trosky, The 'Iowa Assassin' Schneider, Russell; 1991 
 40Now Pitching: Bill Zuber from Amana Trumpold, Cliff; 1991 
 41These Players Collected the Most Hits in One Month Lewis, Allen; 1992 
 421993 Indians Game Face Magazine DeVries, Jack; Russell Schneider; and George Castle; 1993 
 43Anson to Zuber: Iowa Boys in the Major Leagues Clark, Jerry E.; 1994 
 44Cleveland's Great Achilles, Hal Trosky De Vries, Jack; 1997 
 45The Other Iowa Farm Boy: Hal Trosky Linkugel, Wil A. and Edward J. Pappas; 1998 
 46Seasons: Standings, Leaders: 1934 James, Bill; John Dewan; Neil Munro; Don Zminda, eds.; 1998 
 47The Secret Life of Leon Trotsky: Baseball and the Revolution Elias, Robert; 2001 
 48Not Tolstoy, Not Trotsky, but Harold "Hal" Trosky Odenkirk, Jim; 2002 
 49Hal Trosky Shalin, Mike; and Neil Shalin; 2002 
 50The Crybabies of 1940 Johnson, William H.; 2008 
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