October 25, 2014
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 1Tribe's Bell on Hit Spree  1950 
 2  1951 
 3Cincinnati Reds  1953 
 4Cincinnati Reds  1953 
 5Cincinnati Reds  1953 
 6Cincinnati Reds  1953 
 7Mathews Tops Lift of Most Improved Major Leaguers Snider, Steve; 1953 
 8Riot as Redleg Maver, Alan; 1953 
 9Reds' Bell Blasts Rickey For Raw Deal With Bucs Miller, Norman; 1953 
 10 Roth, Allan; 1954 
 11 Bennett, Biff; 1954 
 12Redlegged Murderers' Row Newcombe, Jack; 1954 
 13Is Phil Wrigley Right in Refusing To Install Lights at Wrigley Field For Night Baseball?  1955 
 14For Whom the Bell Tolls Daley, Arthur; 1955 
 15The Redlegs: Great Hit, No Pitch  1955 
 16The Redlegs: Great Hit, No Pitch  1955 
 17How Do You Rate the Centerfielders?  1955 
 18I Always Kept My Bags Packed Hornsby, Rogers; as told to Ed Fitzgerald; 1955 
 19The Blind Manager Campanis, Al; 1956 
 20The Adventures of Gus Bell Linn, Ed; 1956 
 21Bioperse: Gus Bell; Ted Kluszewski, Wally Post  1956 
 22The Redlegs Flex Their Big Batting Muscles  1956 
 23Gus Bell Catch and Throw  1957 
 24Commissioner Names Musial, Aaron and Mays To All-Star Posts - Cincinnati Still Has Five Starters On Team Strauss, Michael; 1957 
 25  1958 
 26Cincinnati's All-Time Best Graham, Frank, Jr.; 1958 
 27Go Big League With MacGregor Gloves and Mitts  1958 
 28What They Say in the Dugout About: the Cincinnati Reds Graham, Frank, Jr.; 1958 
 29Cincinnati Redlegs -- 4th Place -- National League Reichler, Joe; 1958 
 30Cincinnati Redlegs -- 4th Place -- National League Reichler, Joe; 1958 
 31Cincinnati Redlegs  1959 
 32Cincinnati Redlegs  1959 
 33Cincinnati Redlegs  1960 
 34Senior Circuit Enjoys Edge Over A.L. in Lefty Sockers  1960 
 35Reds' Slump-Ridden Sockers Lamp Their Own Flaws On Film Lawson, Earl; 1960 
 36McCovey Tape-Measure Belt Leaves Redleg Fans Gaping  1960 
 37Cincinnati Redlegs  1960 
 38Hutch Blows His Stack at Red Fizzles Lawson, Earl; 1961 
 39`Doc' Hutchinson Hunts Remedy for Cincy's Southpaw Allergies Lawson, Earl; 1961 
 40Pips and Pearls Picked Up Along Big-Time Trail Walfoort, Cleon; 1961 
 41Post and Bell in Ding-Dong Picket Scrap Lawson, Earl; 1961 
 42Vet Bell Once a Teammate of Rookie Mel Queen's Pop n; 1961 
 43Walloping Wally Clamps Lock on Reds' Picket Post; Powerful Rapper's HR Blasts Give Him Nod Over Gus Bell Lawson, Earl; 1961 
 44`Don't Trade Bell,' Gals Warn Cincy Lawson, Earl; 1961 
 45Feminine Logic Comes to Bell's Aid n; 1961 
 46DeWitt Fires Quick Denial to `Penny-Pinching' Charge Lawson, Earl; 1961 
 47Maturing Young Hurlers Boom Reds' Bid to Climb: Outfield Sluggers Aim for Rebound Year, Aided by Freese Lawson, Earl; 1961 
 48Reds Trip Tribe in 12th Inning On Gus Bell's Drive  1961 
 49Gus Bell Belts in Clutch For 200th Homer of Career Tattersall, John C.; 1961 
 50Gabe's Bargain Buys Built Base For Reds' Climb Lawson, Earl; 1961 
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