October 25, 2014
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 1Hurler Claims No-Hitter as Shower Halts Contest  1970 
 2Old Prospector Bristol Spots a Gem in Leinheiser Whiteside, Larry; 1971 
 3Thomas, Coluccio New Brewer Pickets Whiteside, Larry; 1973 
 4Macaroni Pony Takes Brewer Bows Chapman, Lou; 1973 
 5Thomas May Face Brewer Hoodoo Whiteside, Larry; 1973 
 6Kids Could Boost Brewers Out of Basement Whiteside, Larry; 1973 
 7In Sacramento: Over the Fence Is Out-rageous Rapoport, Ron; 1974 
 8Lazzeri Home-Run Mark in Danger Conlin, Bill; 1974 
 9Solon's McCartney Close Friend With 233-Foot Left Field Fence Conlin, Bill; 1974 
 10Swinging Terror Thomas Threatens Homer Record Conlin, Bill; 1974 
 11Thomas and Lezcano Brighten Brewers' Future Chapman, Lou; 1974 
 12Heavy Hitting Continues to Dominate PCL Parade Eger, Bob; 1974 
 13Brewers Planning on Major Changes Chapman, Lou; 1976 
 14`Let's Deal,' Moan Folding Brewers Chapman, Lou; 1976 
 15There's a Surprise in Every Package  1977 
 16Gorman Thomas Slugs His Way Out of Siberia  1977 
 17Thomas Achieves Every Goal But Return To 'Bigs'  1977 
 18Brewers Play 'What If' Game With Thomas Gonring, Mike; 1978 
 19Thomas Set To Erase Brewer Doubts Gonring, Mike; 1978 
 20Prosit! He's the Toast of the Town Fimrite, Ron; 1979 
 21Quick Now: Who's AL Home-Run Champ? Bisher, Furman; 1979 
 22Brewers Reap RBI Harvest On Thomas' Bat Gonring, Mike; 1979 
 23Brewers' Gorman Thomas Wins Recognition at Last! Izenberg, Jerry; 1979 
 24Thomas Wins With Ease  1979 
 25Brewers Display Fresh Fizz - as in Fizzle Gonring, Mike; 1979 
 26These Guys Couldn't Even Hit Their Weight! Knies, Rob; 1979 
 27Thomas Shares AL Whiff Mark  1979 
 28Sing Along With Bambi's Brewers Garrity, John; 1979 
 29Gorman Is Always Stormin' Cotton, Anthony; 1979 
 30Thomas Puts Brewer Doubters To Rest Flaherty, Tom; 1979 
 31Mr. Personality McCoy, Bob; 1980 
 32These Were the 12 Worst Hitters of the 1970s! Daum, Eric; 1980 
 33Look For Baylor, Eckersley To Make Big Comebacks Gammons, Peter; 1980 
 34Tandem Power Club  1980 
 35Wanted For Murder: the Milwaukee Gang Newcombe, Jack; 1980 
 36They Won Home Run Titles With Low Plate Averages Rasmussen, Larry F.; 1980 
 37New Secret Weapon: Brewer Thomas Won '79 HR Title, But Few People Knew It Flaherty, Tom; 1980 
 38Murder in Milwaukee Flaherty, Tom; 1981 
 39Thomas Turns On Power Early Flaherty, Tom; 1981 
 40Thomas Discovers Oil in Brewers Contract Flaherty, Tom; 1981 
 41Brewers Having a Blast Flaherty, Tom; 1982 
 42Crises Nothing New For Kuenn Flaherty, Tom; 1982 
 43In the A.L.: Right Makes Might Henkey, Ben; 1982 
 44Half of HR Title Pleases Thomas Flaherty, Tom; 1982 
 45Playing Hurt Part of Gorman's Game Flaherty, Tom; 1982 
 46Harvey's Wallbangers Leerhsen, Charles W.; 1982 
 47Weiskopf, Herman; 1983 
 48Baseball's Power Hitters Aaseng, Nathan; 1983 
 49An Irate Ferraro Raps Dozing Tribe Ocker, Sheldon; 1983 
 50Ten On the Menu: the Stove Is Hot This Year Stark, Jayson; 1983 
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