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 1Great Expectations  1951 
 23 Yankee Rookies Likely To Remain Dawson, James P.; 1951 
 3Never Saw a Report Like It; Leo Durocher Pays Tribute To Brooklyn Scout's Analysis of the N.Y. Yankees Which Didn't Pull Giants Through But Will Make Fuel For the Hot-Stove League  1951 
 4Casey's Kid  1951 
 5Gil McDougald: Yankee From Nowhere Stump, Al; 1952 
 6Champions Agains Odds Stump, Al; 1952 
 7The Surprise Package (Gil McDougald) Epstein, Ben; 1952 
 8Gil McDougald  1952 
 9Batting On the Level Collins, James(Rip); 1953 
 10They CLAIM It's a Jinx Frank, Stanley; 1953 
 11MacGregor: The Choice of Those Who Play the Game!  1954 
 12How to Play Championship Baseball Fraley, Oscar; 1954 
 13Young Hustlers Bonner, M.G.; 1954 
 14Yankee Batboy Carrieri, Joe As Told To Zander Hollander; 1955 
 15Secret Ratings of American League Players  1955 
 16Baseball: Error  1956 
 17The New York Yankees  1956 
 18Fastest & Finest  1957 
 19Herb Score - How Hard the Blow  1957 
 20Fireball Boomerangs at $1 Million Player  1957 
 21The U.S Winced  1957 
 22Indians' Late Drive Decides After Herb Score Suffers Broken Nose, Eye Injury Effrat, Louis; 1957 
 23A Frightening Injury Daley, Arthur; 1957 
 24The Magnificent Yankees: New Revised Edition Meany, Tom, Ed.; 1957 
 25  1957 
 26Yankee Doer Dandy  1958 
 27If You Could Pick Your Own Ball Club Graham, Frank, Jr.; 1958 
 28  1958 
 29  1958 
 30Gil McDougald On the Art of Infielding McDougald, Gil as told to Robert Creamer; Illustrations by Robert Riger; 1958 
 31Great Moments at Baseball's Summit Daley, Arthur; 1958 
 32Sports Illustrated Book of Baseball Sports Illustrated; editors of; 1958 
 33Famous American Athletes of Today - Fifteenth Series Whitmarsh, F.E.; 1958 
 34New York Yankees -- 1st Place -- American League Goldberg, Hy; 1958 
 35Listening in on the New York Yankees Daley, Arthur; 1958 
 36New York Yankees -- 1st Place -- American League Goldberg, Hy; 1958 
 37Nobody Notices Bolling Middlesworth, Hal; 1959 
 38Inter-league Trades Gelman, Steve; 1959 
 39Is This a Bad Yankee Club? Daniel, Dan; 1959 
 40You've Got To Have a Good Man at Second Base  1959 
 41Gil McDougald: Yankee "Glue" Man Cohane, Tim; 1959 
 42The Day the Yankees Won the Series Meany, Tom; 1959 
 43Second-Guessing That Eerie Series Dexter, Charles; 1959 
 44Stengel, Legend and Fact Meany, Tom; 1959 
 45My Pitching Secrets Wynn, Early as told to Roger Kahn; 1960 
 46Injury Jinx Hits Yankees; Maris and McDougald Hurt  1960 
 47The Ins and the Outs  1960 
 48Wigwam Chiefs Bang War Drums Over Slow-Motion Yank Hurlers Lebovitz, Hal; 1960 
 49Long Wallops By Big Moose Lift Bombers Daniel, Dan; 1960 
 50Malzone - Bronx Biffer Who Escaped Bombers Daniel, Dan; 1960 
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