September 2, 2015
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 1Wins Over Average: An Analysis of Gaylord Perry's Won-lost Record Burton, Don;  
 2Perry Logs 9-13 On Champs, But Wins ERA Title at 2.83  1960 
 3The Character Who Isn't One McAuley, Ed; 1960 
 4The Plugger From The Peanut Patches Gibbons, Frank; 1960 
 5Hard-Luck Perry Discovers Success in Firing Blanks  1961 
 6Giant Duo Cop MVP, Pitcher Awards; Menke No. 1 Rookie  1961 
 7Gonder, Harper Powered Padres' Climb To Pennant  1962 
 8San Francisco Giants Lang, Jack; 1962 
 9San Francisco Giants Lang, Jack; 1962 
 10Giant, Spare That Bat  1964 
 11Don Drysdale's Pitching Litany Furillo, Bud; 1965 
 12Something on the Ball n; 1965 
 13Workhorse Perry Pulls Heavy Load as No. 2 Hurler for Giants McDonald, Jack; 1965 
 14Magic on the Mound  1966 
 15Player of the Week Ramras, Sandy; 1966 
 16How Gaylord Learned To Pitch Pepe, Phil; 1966 
 17Fun Season n; 1966 
 18What They Want for '67: It Could Be an Inside Job! Vass, George; 1966 
 19Many Use Spitter But Only a Few Throw It Well Maher, Charles; 1966 
 20Mays Soars Past Foxx' 534--Can He Climb to Ruth's 714 McDonald, Jack; 1966 
 21Kaat May Outpace All N.L. Mound Stars in Victories n; 1966 
 2220-Win Giant Tandem First Since Maglie-Jansen in '51 Stevens, Bob; 1966 
 23Jansen Heads For Home, Rest After Heart Attack n; 1966 
 24Perry Gets Some Advice, But Still Fails to Win n; 1966 
 25For Giants, Winter Will Be a Busy One McDonald, Jack; 1966 
 26Last Home Stand Put Banana Peel Under Giant Hopes McDonald, Jack; 1966 
 27Pitching Rythym Weiskopf, Don; 1967 
 28 Roth, Allan; 1967 
 29The Infamous Spitter Weiskopf, Herman; 1967 
 30Taxing Question  1967 
 31Long, Wet Summer  1967 
 32Gaylord Perry  1967 
 33All That Power But No Glory Goldberg, Hy; 1967 
 34Umpire Overrules Hunt--Ball is Put Back in Play n; 1967 
 35K. Boyer First of Mets to Hit Into Triple Play n; 1967 
 36Perry Eyes Bigger Return From an Expanded Bonus n; 1967 
 37Perry and Aaron at Odds On Gaylord's Whiff Pitch n; 1967 
 38Torre Had Two Excellent Reasons for Riding Bench n; 1967 
 39Cards Saddle Run-Starved Perry With 0-5 Slab Mark n; 1967 
 40Gaylord Perry Stevens, Bob; 1967 
 41Giants' Lips Zippered by Cepeda Shot Russo, Neal; 1967 
 42Giant Staff Tops--And Will Improve Stevens, Bob; 1967 
 4312 Giants in Early Camp--Hike, Take Mineral Baths n; 1967 
 44Confidence, Perry Says, Spelled Success in 1966 n; 1967 
 45Ex-Slugger Ted Hits Grand-Slam on Dais at Hot-Stove Dinner Warren, Gene; 1967 
 46How Jansen's Hard Slider Helped Perry Win 21 for Giants McDonald, Jack; 1967 
 47Giants Have Top Mound Duo, Four Power Posts Lewis, Allen; 1967 
 48Calendar Said '66 But These Made It an Odd Season Burnes, Robert L.; 1967 
 49  1968 
 50Highlight Carry, Peter; 1968 
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