August 31, 2015
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 1College All-America Picks Swing at .382 Clip Pavlovich, Lou; 1972 
 2Trojans Cop 4th Title in Row, Aided by 8-Run Rally in 9th Williams, Bob; 1973 
 3Lynn Follows Pesky Advice With Arms, Average Higher Troberman, Bill; 1974 
 4Lengthy Bus Trips Brings Grumbling From Players Troberman, Bill; 1974 
 5Another Yaz? Red Sox Uncover Lynn Gammons, Peter; 1974 
 6Annual Talent Hunt Begins in FIL Ellison, Jack; 1974 
 7Red Sox Start on Changes With Two Coaches Gammons, Peter; 1974 
 8Classic Rookie Bonventre, Peter; 1975 
 9In the Eye of the Storm Fimrite, Ron; 1975 
 10It Was Like Old Times Fimrite, Ron; 1975 
 11Kid Whiz Hefts Hub Halo Blount, Roy, Jr.; 1975 
 12Bill Lee Leads Red Sox to USC Talent Lode Gammons, Peter; 1975 
 13Rookie Lynn Lands Bosox Job in Center  1975 
 14What's the Pox On the Sox? Keith, Larry; 1976 
 15How the Boston Red Sox Very Casually Acquired a Jewel Named Fred Lynn Linn, Ed; 1976 
 16Red Sox Hitting Styles Weiskopf, Don; 1976 
 17Experts Evaluate Baseball's Best Young Hitters Bortstein, Larry; 1976 
 18  1976 
 19Wilson Makes the Right Glove For Fred Lynn, 200 Other Major Leaguers, and You  1976 
 20Sports Hero: Fred Lynn Burchard, Marshall; 1976 
 21Fan Poems Clark, Tom; 1976 
 22Fred Lynn Clark, Tom; 1976 
 23A Tiger at the Plate Kamb, Susan; 1976 
 24Skeptical Wow n; 1976 
 25The Little Big Man Mulvoy, Mark; 1976 
 26Up, Up and Away Kaplan, Jim; 1976 
 27Now Lynn Knows Why Yanks Got Figueroa Pepe, Phil; 1976 
 28Ex-Trojan Kemp Called a New Lynn Hawkins, Jim; 1976 
 29Lynn's Shadow Obscures Brilliant Showing by Rice Gammons, Peter; 1976 
 30Super in '75--Can Lynn Do It Again? Gammons, Peter; 1976 
 31Jealous of Lynn? `Never!' Says Red Sox' Rice Whiteside, Larry; 1976 
 32Wilson Makes the Right Glove for Fred Lynn, 200 Other Major Leaguers, and You n; 1976 
 33Bosox End Evil Spell--Did Withc Lady Do It? Whiteside, Larry; 1976 
 34Bosox Get Bonus--Relaxed Evans Whiteside, Larry; 1976 
 35one Change in Red Sox: Yaz Batting Fifth Whiteside, Larry; 1976 
 36Red Sox to Reduce Rooster's Play Time Whiteside, Larry; 1976 
 37Tigers Put Tag on Steve Kemp as Future Star Hawkins, Jim; 1976 
 38Wilson Makes the Right Glove for Fred Lynn, 200 Other Major Leaguers, and You n; 1976 
 39Bosox Fans Heap Abuse on Unsigned Star Lynn Whiteside, Larry; 1976 
 40Unsigned Red Sox Players Hastened Darrell's Demise Whiteside, Larry; 1976 
 41Faded Bosox Learned Tough Lessons Whiteside, Larry; 1976 
 42Lynn, Fisk and Burleson Sign Whiteside, Larry; 1976 
 43New Reserve System is Now in Effect Ray, Ralph; 1976 
 44Line Drive Swing Weiskopf, Don; 1977 
 45Lynn Looks Ahead To New Year With Red Sox Whiteside, Larry; 1977 
 46Bosox Show Muscle Between Infield, Pitching Gaps Whiteside, Larry; 1977 
 47Homer-Happy Red Sox Hit Them in Bunches  1977 
 48Listen My Children & You Shall Hear Why the Red Sox Fell in the Bicentennial Year Murray, Tom; 1977 
 49Lynn Gets Raise - To No. 2 Spot in Bosox Order Whiteside, Larry; 1977 
 50Bosox' Lynn Battling Woes: Sore Ankle, Puny Average Whiteside, Larry; 1977 
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