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 1The Web of the Game Angell, Roger; 1981 
 2The Web of the Game Angell, Roger; 1981 
 3The Web of the Game Angell, Roger; 1981 
 4The Web of the Game Angell, Roger; 1981 
 5Viola Irons Out Flaw in Delivery Reusse, Patrick; 1982 
 6Some Kids Who Rate a Close Look Gammons, Peter; 1982 
 7Viola's Happy Tune Turns Sour Quickly Reusse, Patrick; 1982 
 8Podres' Change-Up Fuels Twins' Rise Isle, Stan; 1984 
 9Rapid Promotion? It's Right For Viola Reusse, Patrick; 1984 
 10Filson May Be Twins' Lefty Starter Reusse, Patrick; 1984 
 11Some Youngsters Make Their Pitch On the Hill Gammons, Peter; 1984 
 12Viola Expects He'll Win 20 Eventually Reusse, Patrick; 1984 
 13Puckett Draws Rave Reviews Reusse, Patrick; 1984 
 14Those Wacky, Wonderful Twins Attner, Paul; 1984 
 15Arbitration May Be Costly For Twins Reusse, Patrick; 1985 
 16Pitching Remains Worst of Many Woes Reusse, Patrick; 1985 
 17Twins' Frustrations Flare in Clubhouse Reusse, Patrick; 1985 
 18Pitching Staff, Headed by Frank Viola, Fostered Twins' Surprise in '84 Kuenster, John; 1985 
 19Broersma Gets Grip On Pitching Future Reusse, Patrick; 1985 
 20 Anderson, Dave; 1985 
 21The Peculiar World of the Minnesota Twins Drury, Bob; 1985 
 22 Reusse, Patrick; 1986 
 23 Reusse, Patrick; 1986 
 24Class of '82: It's Time To Put Up Or Shut Up Bonds Strong, But Another Losing Year Could Split Twins' Nucleus Brackin, Dennis; 1987 
 25At Long Last, Viola Is Pitching Up To Twins' Expectations Barreiro, Dan; 1987 
 26The Best Man Wins Wulf, Steve (ed.); Illustrated by Patrick McDonnell; 1987 
 27Frank Viola of Twins Was a Deserving World Series MVP Kuenster, John: ed.; 1988 
 28Twins' Triumph in '87 Less Than Overwhelming Surdam, David; 1988 
 29The Greening of World Series MVP, Frank Viola Russo, Joe; 1988 
 3088 Major League Season Has Had Its Share of the Good, Bad and Ugly Kuenster, John; ed.; 1988 
 31Current Stars To Join One-year Leaders of '80s Kuenster, Bob; 1988 
 32Frank Viola Carpenter, Jerry; & Steve DiMeglio; edited By Paul J. Deegan; 1988 
 33The Niekro Files: the Uncensored Letters of Baseball's Most Notorious Brothers Niekro, Phil; Joe,; with Ken Picking; 1988 
 34Mind Game Bauleke, Ann; 1989 
 35Viola Turns Down $7.9 Million Pact Vancil, Mark; 1989 
 36Viola, Reardon Vow To Become Free Agents Vancil, Mark; 1989 
 37Dwight Gooden Is Good: the Figures Prove It! Castellano, Dan; 1989 
 38 Powers, Tom; 1989 
 39Are Their Days Numbered? Kim, Albert; 1989 
 40The Trade and Other Matters Thornley, Stew; 1989 
 41Catch a Season of Excitement  1989 
 42Frank Viola  1989 
 43Hershiser, Viola Dominate Cy Young Awards MacLean, Norman; 1989 
 44They Were Family Gammons, Peter; 1989 
 45Viola Case a Dilemma for Small-Market Twins Klein, Moss; 1989 
 46Viola, Reardon Making Sour Music for Twins Powers, Tom; 1989 
 47Viola: Had to Take Stand as Player Rep Powers, Tom; 1989 
 48Lessons to Be Learned From Twins' Success at Gate Chass, Murray; 1989 
 49Hershiser-Type Pact Reunites Viola and Twins Powers, Tom; 1989 
 50This Year, Dandy Andy Gets `Ace' Treatment Powers, Tom; 1989 
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