August 28, 2015
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 1Was Elmer Flick Really the 19th Best Hitter of All Time? Goss, Frederick D;  
 2Baseball Experts Playing the National Game  1908 
 3Where Are the Baseball Stars of Twenty Years Ago?  1925 
 4What Glory in Batting Championship? Bloodgood, Clifford; 1936 
 5The Day When All the Sentiment Stands Still Creamer, Robert; 1963 
 6Elmer the Bat-Maker Allen, Lee; 1963 
 7Game Salutes Four New Shrine Immortals: Veterans' Committee Selects Clarkson, Rixey, Rice, Flick Daniel, Dan; 1963 
 8Shrine Vote Acts As a Magic Elixir For Oldster Flick Lebovitz, Hal; 1963 
 9Flick Proud of 5 Daughters--Eyes Grandson As Player  1963 
 10Limit On Shrine Membership?  1963 
 11Yankee Old-Timers' Affair Will Honor Record-Breakers  1963 
 12Enshrine All Worthy Old-Timers--Now King, Joe; 1963 
 13Flick Made Bat He Used in Big-Time Debut Allen, Lee; 1963 
 14Elmer the Great n; 1963 
 15Battered Bat Champs: Tommy Davis Drops 51 Points, Yaz 32 Bryson, Bill; 1965 
 16Elmer Flick Allen, Lee; and Tom Meany; 1965 
 17Recent Deaths Take Big Toll on Veterans on Pre-1900 Era Davids, L. Robert; 1965 
 18  1971 
 19Bando Steps Up His Play to Match $100,000 Paycheck Bergman, Ron; 1974 
 20Perfect Address for Hall of Fame Bisher, Furman; 1974 
 21Elmer Flick Reidenbaugh, Lowell; 1983 
 22Some Batting Champions Win Almost By Default Surdam, David; 1989 
 23Who Was Who in Cleveland Baseball in 1901-1910 Phillips, John; 1989 
 24Elmer Flick Longert, Scott; 1995 
 25The Cleveland Naps of 1906: The Unluckiest Team in History Rubinstein, Bill; 1996 
 26Teammates Lajoie and Flick in Fist Fight in 1900 Kermisch, Al; 1996 
 27Seasons: Standings, Leaders: 1898 National League James, Bill; John Dewan; Neil Munro; Don Zminda, eds.; 1998 
 28Franchise All-Nickname Teams: Indians Zminda, Don; 1999 
 29Place Hitters (and Pitchers) Zminda, Don; 1999 
 30Elmer Harrison Flick (TPR: 3.5) Wilbert, Warren; 2000 
 31Ghosts in the Gallery at Cooperstown: Sixteen Little-Known Members of the Hall of Fame Fleitz, David L.; 2004 
 32Elmer Harrison Flick Louisa, Angelo; 2006 
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