October 20, 2014
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 1Royal Thumbing  1945 
 2How To Torture Pitchers  1946 
 3How They Do It Goren, Herb; 1946 
 4Double Trouble Crichton, Kyle; Photographs by David and Hy Peskin; 1947 
 5Stinky Stanky Drives Wild Men Wilder Parrott, Harold; 1947 
 6Good Field, No Hit Decker, Duane; 1947 
 7The All-America Baseball Team Daniel, Daniel M.; 1947 
 8Baseball Is a Tough Business Stanky, Eddie; as told to Tim Cohane; 1948 
 9Balk By Stanky  1948 
 10How Does Stanky Do It? Egan, Dave; 1948 
 11Leo Changes Jobs Corum, Bill; 1948 
 12 Kilroy, Hank; 1948 
 13 Kilroy, Hank; 1948 
 14The All Time All-Hustle Team Drebinger, John; 1948 
 15He Wishes the Major Leagues Was Tougher Frank, Stanley; 1949 
 16Baseball: the Lion and the Brat  1949 
 17The Incompatibles  1949 
 18Team Captain Bloodgood, Clifford; 1949 
 19"That's My Roomie!" Rumill, Ed; 1949 
 20Baseball's Best Catcher  1950 
 21The Bullet-Biter Lardner, John; 1950 
 22What Really Happened To the Boston Braves Hirshberg, Al; 1950 
 23"____ Sportsmanship"  1950 
 24The Truth About the Jackie Robinson Case, Part II Mann, Arthur; 1950 
 25The Brat's a Giant Meany, Tom; Photographs by Roy M. Thigpen; 1950 
 26The Brat's a Giant Now Meany, Tom; 1950 
 27Giants' Winter House-Cleaning Still Going Strong Through May; Six Changes at Season's Start, Three Since Then at 'Regular' Positions Smith, Ken; 1950 
 28Durocher: My Kind of Team Crusinberry, James; 1950 
 29He's Their Stanky Now Graham, Frank; 1950 
 30Eddie Comes To the Tower Lardner, John; 1951 
 31Little Giant Martin, Whitney; 1951 
 32Merriwell, Move Over Lardner, John; 1951 
 33The "Brat" Who Sparks the Giants; Eddie Stanky Can't Hit Much, But He Walks and Scores. He Isn't Fast, But He Makes the Key Defensive Plays  1951 
 34New Jobs For Old Pros  1951 
 35Lift For the Giants  1951 
 36 Vernon, Ted; 1951 
 37Topps Allstars Eddie Stanky Baseball Card  1951 
 38Eddie Stanky: Baseball Hero Dexter, Charles; 1951 
 39Leo Durocher: Man with Nine Lives Fitzgerald, Ed; 1951 
 40Just Call Me Stinky! Stanky, Eddie; as told to Charles Dexter; 1951 
 41Eddie Stanky: Baseball Hero Knight, W.F., ed.; 1951 
 42Stanky, Eddie  1951 
 43Edward Raymond (Eddie) Stanky: Sparkplug of the Giants Waldman, Frank; 1951 
 44All Out For Beizbol Stanky, Eddie; 1952 
 45But With Talent Lardner, John; 1952 
 46Here's How I Pick Big-League Prospects Thurston, Hollis as told to John Maynard; 1952 
 47The Brat  1952 
 48Seasons High and Low Spots Burns, Bob; 1952 
 49One-Game Flyhawk Glaviano May Get New Test in Center Broeg, Bob; 1952 
 50Giant Fans Already Fretting About Stanky Murray, Arch; 1952 
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