October 25, 2014
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 1Baseball Reconverts Mann, Arthur; 1946 
 2Look at That Indian Infield Gibbons, Frank; 1947 
 3Young Men of Baseball  1947 
 4Cleveland's "Robbie" Masters Tough Breaks Rumill, Ed; 1948 
 5Shift of Dente Proves Key to Nats' Keystone Problem; Sam and Shortstop Combs Click as Double Play Combine Povich, Shirley; 1950 
 6White Sox Slugger Hoffman, John C.; 1951 
 7Camel...Big League Choice For Mildness, and Flavor  1953 
 8Robinson, Zernial Will 'Team' To Boost A's Slugging Power Lundquist, Carl; 1953 
 9Zernial Expecting Big Season Due To Robinson, New Stance Snider, Steve; 1953 
 10Robbie Has Job Taking Fain's Place With Fans  1953 
 11  1953 
 12Robinson Trade to Orioles Said Near  1953 
 13Robinson in Doubt  1953 
 14  1954 
 15How Jockeys Will Ride Ed Robinson: He Provides Reins Himself McAuley, Ed; 1954 
 16Yanks' Trade Has "Deep" Meaning: Byrd, Robinson Strengthen Mound, Bench Povich, Shirley; 1954 
 17 Roth, Allan; 1954 
 18Big Leagues Sign 'Em Year at a Time Now: Holdover Contracts Almost Passe Carmichael, John P.; 1954 
 19Eddie Robinson, Scene Shifter Auley, Ed; 1955 
 20Orioles' Robinson Receives 'Sportsman of Month' Award  1960 
 21Colts Choose Crew To Rope N.L. Players Nealon, Clark; 1961 
 22Smith Near Chicago HR Mark  1961 
 23Pete's Odd Bat Grip, Plate Gyrations Stop Traffic as Birds Pause to Watch Steadman, John; 1961 
 24Dalton Moves Up as New Director of Orioles' Farms Brown, Doug; 1961 
 25Colts Name Eddie Robinson Farm Boss, Replacing Smith  1963 
 26No Time Wasted; Colt Tutors Polish Plans On Train Ride  1963 
 27Astros A's and Cubs Will Exchange Some Scout Reports on Free Agents n; 1965 
 28The '48 Indians: One Last Hurrah Lebovitz, Hal; 1965 
 29Fanning, Busby, Dorish Added to Coaching Corps Minshew, Wayne; 1967 
 30`Some Kid A's Available, But Not Nash'--Robinson n; 1967 
 311968 Atlanta Braves Illustrated Walburn, Lee, Tom Bennett; Bob Hope, eds.; 1968 
 32Seven Texas Cities Seek Four Rookie Loop Berths  1968 
 33Greenwood, S.C., Added to W. Carolinas Lineup  1968 
 34Atom Jolts Hurlers in Western Carolinas Ballenger, Frank; 1969 
 35Top AA Exec Wolff Happy in Minors Holland, Marcus; 1971 
 36Braves Primed for Intensive Shopping Spree Minshew, Wayne; 1972 
 37Back to Basics--That'll Be Braves' Training Theme Minshew, Wayne; 1972 
 38Front-Office Shuffle Cuts Richards' Clout Minshew, Wayne; 1972 
 39Cepeda Ends His Two-Day Walkout Minshew, Wayne; 1972 
 40`I Can Win,' Says Denny Minshew, Wayne; 1972 
 41Elmira Trying to Reach Missing Hall of Famers n; 1972 
 42Braves' Action Man--New Boss Robby Minshew, Wayne; 1972 
 43Harris' Job Shaky as Braves Plunge Minshew, Wayne; 1972 
 44Clutch Clouts...Baker's Trademark Minshew, Wayne; 1972 
 45Skidding Braves Hand the Reins to Mathews Minshew, Wayne; 1972 
 46Mathews Applies Acid Test to Braves Minshew, Wayne; 1972 
 47Mathews Attacks Braves' Big Problem: Complacency Minshew, Wayne; 1972 
 48House Finds a Home in Braves' Bullpen Minshew, Wayne; 1973 
 49Braves Spin Their Wheels as Swingers Fail in Clutch Minshew, Wayne; 1973 
 50Lefties Loveable as Sherman in Atlanta Minshew, Wayne; 1973 
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