August 28, 2015
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 1Quiet Murphy Shows Sign of Life in A's Death Watch Weir, Tom; 1979 
 2Sundberg's Reputation Worth Weight in Gold Henkey, Ben; 1980 
 3Like A's, Murphy Wants To Move Weir, Tom; 1980 
 4Slump Sets Off An A's Shouting Match Stier, Kit; 1980 
 5A's Thieves Drive Their Foes Nutty Stier, Kit; 1980 
 6A's Promote Pupil Murphy To Head of Class Stier, Kit; 1980 
 7Surging Gate Curbed; A's Staff Checks Farms Stier, Kit; 1981 
 8Billy's Bay-Side Bonanza Stier, Kit; 1981 
 9A's Outfield Trio Tops A.L. All-Stars Henkey, Ben; 1981 
 10Murphy Is Eager To Hike HR Total Stier, Kit; 1981 
 11Oakland's Winning Pitch Shah, Diane K.; 1981 
 12Critics Rip Billy in Murphy Affair Stier, Kit; 1982 
 13Murphy Probable A's Cleanup Hitter Stier, Kit; 1982 
 14Murphy in the Fold; $535,000 For Rickey Stier, Kit; 1982 
 15What Team Has the Best Defensive Outfield Trio? Jenkins, Bruce; 1982 
 16Murphy Follows Armas Onto Shelf Stier, Kit; 1982 
 17A's Need Infielder; Murphy Might Go Stier, Kit; 1982 
 18Phils Need Power; Murphy Would Do Bodley, Hal; 1982 
 19Dwayne Murphy: Quiet Leader of The A's Vacek, Rick; 1982 
 20A Well Matched Set Fimrite, Ron; 1982 
 21In Theory, The A's Owe '81 to The Outfield Anderson, Bruce; 1982 
 22Henderson Eager To Hike Bat Mark Stier, Kit; 1983 
 23Murphy Occupies A's Cleanup Spot Stier, Kit; 1983 
 24Murphy Resumes Vigorous Swing Stier, Kit; 1983 
 25Three Tigers Win Gold Glove Henkey, Ben; 1983 
 26A's Corral Murphy; $3.3 Million Pact Stier, Kit; 1983 
 27Owning a Ballclub  1983 
 28Mike's Star On the Rise With Oakland Stier, Kit; 1983 
 29Slumping Murphy Silences Hecklers Stier, Kit; 1983 
 30Dwayne MURPHY, Oakland James, Bill; 1983 
 31Weiskopf, Herman; 1983 
 32n; 1983 
 33McCatty, Murphy a Deadly Combo Stier, Kit; 1984 
 34Andujar, Dernier Join Gold Glove Club Henkey, Ben; 1984 
 35Recovery of Vets May Be Key To Races Gammons, Peter; 1984 
 36A's Change DH's Job Description Stier, Kit; 1984 
 37Stop Sign For Henderson? Stier, Kit; 1984 
 38The Return of Kong: American League Ball Parks Suit Dave Kingman's Fancy Stier, Kit; 1984 
 39A's Catalysts Swap Hot and Cold Spells Stier, Kit; 1984 
 40Dwayne Murphy: No Longer An Unsung Hero Worthington, A.R.; 1985 
 41These Are Best Defensive Players in the Big Leagues Wilner, Barry; 1985 
 42Griffin's Defense Amazes Murphy Stier, Kit; 1985 
 43Brett Among 6 Gold Glove First-Timers Henkey, Ben; 1985 
 44Rating the Centerfielders, By One Who Should Know Kertes, Tom; 1985 
 45At the Center of Things Dalton, Joseph; 1985 
 46Murphy Aids Sutton On Bill For Damages Stier, Kit; 1985 
 47Murphy Can't Shake His Worst Slump Stier, Kit; 1985 
 48Dwayne Murphy: Quiet Leader on the A's Azevedo, David; 1985 
 49A's Relaxed Davis Comes Alive in '85 Stier, Kit; 1985 
 50A's Are No Longer 98-Pound Weaklings Stier, Kit; 1985 
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