October 25, 2014
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 1Burlington's Doug Jones: Finishing What He Starts Monserud, Scott; 1979 
 2Doug Jones: He Brought a Sigh of Relief To Indians Heller, M.F.; 1988 
 3Injuries Hit Tribe Staff Ocker, Sheldon; 1989 
 4Two Stoppers Too Many Ocker, Sheldon; 1989 
 5The Mystical Indian Pennant Vision Kucinich, Dennis J.; 1989 
 6Cleveland Indians STATS, Inc.; 1991 
 7Who Gets Those Cheap Saves? Dewan, John; Don Zminda; STATS, Inc.; 1991 
 8After the All-stars, Meet the All-flops Waggoner, Glen; 1991 
 9Olin Gets Chance as Game Saver  1991 
 10Indians Banish Belle To Minor Leagues  1991 
 11Role-shifting Gets the Ball Rolling  1992 
 12Great Returns Rains, Rob; 1992 
 13Olin Is Rollin' With 20 Saves Williams, Pete; 1992 
 14Other Wendel, Tim; Rains, Rob; 1992 
 15Smiley Not Signal of Things To Come Snyder, Deron; 1992 
 16From Bum To Hero: One Team's Fallen Star Is Another Team's Superstar Just Ask Gary Sheffield, Terry Pendleton, Dennis Eckersley and a Host of Other One-time Castaways Schlossberg, Dan; 1992 
 17Pitching Gets Howe's Priority Williams, Pete; Wendel, Tim; Rains, Rob; 1992 
 18Houston Astros Report  1992 
 19Bullpen a Big Relief Over '91 Rains, Rob; Williams, Pete; 1992 
 20Inside Baseball Kurkjian, Tim; 1992 
 21Changes Put Astros Into a Better Orbit Rains, Rob; 1992 
 22Houston Astros Lawes, Rick; 1992 
 23Free Autograph Williams, Pete; 1992 
 24Saving Up Rains, Rob; 1992 
 25The Dazzling Dozen: Doug Jones Wendel, Tim; Rains, Rob; Snyder, Deron; 1992 
 26Jones 'automatic' in Winning Williams, Pete; 1992 
 27Cleveland Indians STATS, Inc.; 1992 
 281992 Player Profiles (cont.) STATS, Inc.; 1992 
 291993 Player Profiles (cont.) STATS, Inc.; 1993 
 30Houston Astros STATS, Inc.; 1993 
 31Keeping Up With Jones Again a Tough Assignment Snyder, Deron; 1993 
 32Which Relievers Tire Easily? Dewan, John; Don Zminda; STATS, Inc.; 1993 
 33A Change of Personality Kurkjian, Tim; 1994 
 34Underdogs Again, Phillies Respond With Flurry of Hits Snyder, Deron; 1994 
 35Philadelphia Phillies  1994 
 361994 SBR Awards: Exalting the Elite  1994 
 37Out of Nowhere Kurkjian, Tim; 1994 
 381994 Player Profiles (cont.) STATS, Inc.; 1994 
 391995 Player Profiles (cont.) STATS, Inc.; 1995 
 40Baltimore Orioles STATS, Inc.; 1995 
 41Philadelphia Phillies STATS, Inc.; 1995 
 42Baltimore Orioles  1995 
 43Baltimore Orioles  1995 
 44Baltimore Orioles  1995 
 45Baltimore Orioles  1995 
 46Limited Relief Available in the AL  1995 
 47Much Left To Be Nailed Down in Baltimore  1995 
 48Closing Thoughts Hunt, John; 1995 
 49Chicago Cubs  1995 
 50Chicago Cubs  1996 
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