August 28, 2015
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 1Majors Rush to Nab California Prospects in Free-Agent Draft Lang, Jack; 1969 
 2Padres Gambling Heavily On Thomas Cour, Paul; 1971 
 3Swift Thomas Asset To Slow Padres Cour, Paul; 1971 
 4Opponents See Nothing Funny About O. City's Keystone Kops Dellinger, Bob; 1971 
 5Baseball Digest's 1972 All-Star Rookie Team Vass, George; 1972 
 6Speedy Rookie Thomas...A Padre Terror on Bases? Collier, Phil; 1972 
 7New Boss Cracks Down on Bumbling Padres Collier, Phil; 1972 
 8Padres Pray for Better Luck in Draft Collier, Phil; 1972 
 9Padres' Campbell Facing Battle for Job Cour, Paul; 1972 
 10Padres' Jeter and Murrell Shelved Cour, Paul; 1972 
 11Gomez Forsees Padre Power Pickup Cour, Paul; 1972 
 12Baseball Digest's 1972 All-Star Rookie Team Vass, George; 1972 
 13Cocky Thomas Shooting for Rookie of Year Honors Collier, Phil; 1972 
 14Skinner Helping Thomas n; 1972 
 15Padre Plunge Fails to Shake Bavasi Collier, Phil; 1972 
 16Padres Pumping Up Their Puny Attack Collier, Phil; 1972 
 17Padres Pray for an Answer to Ivie's Demands Collier, Phil; 1972 
 18Buzzie Says It Again: Padres to Stay Collier, Phil; 1972 
 19Zimmer's Goal: To Vacate Dungeon Collier, Phil; 1972 
 20Padres Giving Hernandez New Chance Collier, Phil; 1972 
 21Comet Hernandez Excites Padre Fans Collier, Phil; 1973 
 22`Shame to Leave a Ballpark Like This,' Says Don Zimmer Collier, Phil; 1973 
 23Hilton, Troedson Head Fast-Rising Padre Kids Collier, Phil; 1973 
 24Infielders Still at Top of Padres' Shopping List Collier, Phil; 1973 
 25Sulking Thomas Turns Into Padre Prize Collier, Phil; 1974 
 26Padres Making Big Noise Behind TNT in Tolan's Bat Collier, Phil; 1974 
 27Padres Patsies for Western Playmates Collier, Phil; 1974 
 28Seven Padres Ranked as Trade Untouchables Collier, Phil; 1974 
 29Dark Side of the Moon Weiskopf, Herman; 1975 
 30Thomas' New Outlook an Eye-Opener for Giants Spander, Art; 1976 
 31Braves' Togetherness Makes Hit With Montanez Minshew, Wayne; 1976 
 32Do Tiny Crowds Produce All Those Giant Rocks? Spander, Art; 1976 
 33Two Happy Fellas Replace Grumpy Giant Spander, Art; 1976 
 34Will Unsigned Matthews Leave Griping Giants Spander, Art; 1976 
 35Speier, Thomas Search For Giant Exit Signs Spander, Art; 1977 
 36Trouble Always Seems To Find Giants' Derrel Spander, Art; 1977 
 37Derrel Thomas Matches McCovey's Comeback Peters, Nick; 1977 
 38Giants' Shakeup Appears Likely in Thinking For '78 Peters, Nick; 1977 
 39Dodgers Turn Other Cheek, Now Thomas Is One of Them Verrell, Gordon; 1978 
 40Lopes Leaps To Defense of Dodgers' Infield Verrell, Gordon; 1978 
 41When Lights Go Out, Expo Show Begins MacDonald, Ian; 1978 
 42Padres Shore Up Infield With Trade For Thomas Collier, Phil; 1978 
 43Right Field Becomes Padres' Wealthy Spot Collier, Phil; 1978 
 44Dodger Destiny in Four Hands Verrell, Gordon; 1979 
 45Dodgers Discover Catcher in the Infield; It's Thomas Verrell, Gordon; 1980 
 46Smith's Wrist Slashed in Stormy Dodger Scene Verrell, Gordon; 1980 
 47High Drama in Dodger Joyride Verrell, Gordon; 1980 
 48In Pinch, Dodgers Call On Thomas Verrell, Gordon; 1980 
 49Russell Out - Thomas Vital To Dodger Bid Verrell, Gordon; 1980 
 50Center Field For Dodgers Will Be Like Rush-Hour Traffic Jam Verrell, Gordon; 1981 
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