September 1, 2015
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 1Browns' Galehouse, Muncrief May Stick To War Plant Jobs  1945 
 2Galehouse's Double Irks Greensburg Folk  1945 
 3Gags and Yarns Kilroy, Hank; 1947 
 4Sketchette: Denny Galehouse  1947 
 5 Kilroy, Hank; 1947 
 6Cabbages and Kings Winerip, Harold; 1948 
 7  1955 
 8Game's Stars Doff Caps to Chance at Testimonial in Dean's Hometown Schneider, Russell; 1965 
 9Some Storybook Pennant Playoffs Broeg, Bob; 1972 
 10The Day Cleveland Went Wild Boudreau, Lou; as told to Irv Haag; 1973 
 11Pitching Puzzle Stout, Glenn; 1989 
 12The Curse of the Bambino Shaughnessy, Dan; 1990 
 13Summer Of '49, Or Was That '50? Wait A Minute, I'm Almost Sure That Was '37 And I Think Maybe That Was Vince DiMaggio James, Bill; 1991 
 14So Much More To Remember Schneider, Russell; 1991 
 15How Lefty Mel Parnell Mastered the 'green Monster' Macht, Norman L.; 1993 
 16When a One-game Playoff Decided the A.L. Pennant Woody, Clay; 1993 
 17The Best of Seasons: the 1944 St. Louis Cardinals and St. Louis Browns Borst, Bill; 1995 
 18Lou Gehrig vs. the 1936 Cleveland Indians' Pitching Staff Gauthreaux, Jay; 1996 
 19The Browns Book Borst, Bill, Ed.; 1996 
 20Obituaries  1998 
 21Boston's Dealt Out of a Trolley Series Walsh, Jack; 2001 
 22Bluejackets of Summer: The History of the Great Lakes Naval Baseball Team, 1942-1945 Gogan, Roger S.; 2008 
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