September 22, 2014
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 1Dauer and Hobson Were Top Int Performers Snyder, Bob; 1976 
 2Five Unsigned Players Cloud Orioles' Plans Henneman, Jim; 1976 
 3MVP Award is Shared by Three I.L. Stalwarts Matthews, Bob; 1976 
 4Talent-Shorn Orioles Look to Kids for Help Henneman, Jim; 1976 
 5Scott Becomes Angry Target Whiteside, Larry; 1977 
 6These Rookies Are Tabbed as 'Best Bets' for '77 Vass, George; 1977 
 7Young Birds Prosper at Foot of Prof Palmer Henneman, Jim; 1978 
 8Orioles Rejoice-Martinez Mystery Solved Henneman, Jim; 1978 
 9Dennis Hopes That Rest Makes Him Bird Menace Henneman, Jim; 1979 
 10Birds Hope Maturity Shines Up Martinez Nigro, Ken; 1980 
 11Oriole No-Names Scoff at Skeptics Nigro, Ken; 1980 
 12Stone New Big Bird With Martinez Hurt Nigro, Ken; 1980 
 13Sobering Sight in Nicaragua - Gun-Toting Kids Nigro, Ken; 1980 
 14Dennis Irked; O's Too Nigro, Ken; 1980 
 15Bottle-Thrower Convicted  1981 
 16Dennis Martinez Injured  1981 
 17Dennis Martinez Is O's New Ace Nigro, Ken; 1981 
 18Martinez' Turnaround Is Eye-Popping To O's Nigro, Ken; 1981 
 19Martinez Streaks  1982 
 20The Great Arms Race: Rating the Pitchers Gammons, Peter; 1982 
 21Orioles Serve Weaver One Last Hot Roll Flaherty, Tom; 1982 
 22Dennis Struggles; Stoddard Squawks Henneman, Jim; 1983 
 23Shapiro: Crusader Against Drug Abuse Simmons, Melody; 1984 
 24Martinez Blames Woes On Alcohol Henneman, Jim; 1984 
 25Lynn, Lacy, Aase: Tonic For Orioles Henneman, Jim; 1985 
 26Orioles Glad They Held On To Martinez Henneman, Jim; 1985 
 27Expendable Martinez and Wilcox Now Would Seem To Be Mendable Gammons, Peter; 1985 
 28Martinez's Pitching Quiets Trade Talks Henneman, Jim; 1985 
 29O's Open-Minded On Wiggins Deal Henneman, Jim; 1985 
 30Baltimore Orioles Keenan, Sandy; 1985 
 31Baseball-Nica, 1986 Millman, Joel; 1985 
 32Orioles' Destiny Depends On Pitching Henneman, Jim; 1985 
 33 Henneman, Jim; 1986 
 34Baseball-Nica Millman, Joel; 1986 
 35 Henneman, Jim; 1986 
 36Gloating in the Locker Room Gordon, Charles; 1987 
 37Some Overlooked Records From '87 Big League Season Deane, Bill; 1988 
 38 MacDonald, Ian; 1989 
 39Dennis Martinez Finds Success On Comeback Road Capezutto, Tom; 1989 
 40Rich Deal Cures Slump MacDonald, Ian; 1989 
 41Expos Miss a 'Quality Guy in the Clubhouse' MacDonald, Ian; 1989 
 42Blankety Blank  1989 
 43Pitching III: Bring Back The Four-Man Rotation Wright, Craig R.; Tom House; 1989 
 44Managers Rate Major League Players With the Best Skills MacCarl, Neil; 1990 
 45Hunt For Starting Pitcher Stymied  1991 
 46Martinez Trade Rumors Are Silenced  1991 
 47Martinez Returns Home the Hero  1991 
 48Gardner Says Anxiety Was For Martinez  1991 
 49Other 'Perfect' Pitchers Recall the Control Williams, Pete; 1991 
 50Martinez Made It a Perfect Day - National Celebration Followed Achievement Rains, Rob; 1991 
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