September 1, 2015
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 1Red Sox Rookie Stapleton's Star Rose Just a Bit Too Late in '80 Giuliotti, Joe; 1980 
 2Stapleton Picks Up Saggy Red Sox Giuliotti, Joe; 1980 
 3Stapleton Late Bosox Entry in Rookie Race Giuliotti, Joe; 1980 
 4Streaking Yaz Crashes Wall Giuliotti, Joe; 1980 
 5Bosox Seeking Job For Stapleton Giuliotti, Joe; 1981 
 6Stapleton Comfy at Shortstop Giuliotti, Joe; 1981 
 7Boggs' Hot Bat Wins Job at 1st Giuliotti, Joe; 1982 
 8Red Sox' Stapleton Battling Bat Slump Giuliotti, Joe; 1982 
 9Stapleton May Win Red Sox' Job at 1B Giuliotti, Joe; 1982 
 10Yaz Is One Tough Out Gammons, Peter; 1982 
 11Stapleton Learns a Costly Lesson Giuliotti, Joe; 1982 
 12Stapleton Sees '82 as 'Mistake' Giuliotti, Joe; 1983 
 13Stapleton Hailed in Miracle Recovery Giuliotti, Joe; 1983 
 14Injury Compounds Stapleton's Woes Giuliotti, Joe; 1984 
 15Stapleton, Remy To Fight For Jobs Giuliotti, Joe; 1985 
 16Stapleton's Return a Hit - Temporarily Giuliotti, Joe; 1985 
 17 Giuliotti, Joe; 1986 
 18Game 6 Gammons, Peter; 1987 
 19 Street, Jim; 1987 
 20Spring Training 1988: Milwaukee Brewers Dunne, Kerry; Roy Johnson, Co-editors; 1988 
 21One Pitch Away: the Players' Stories of the 1986 League Championships and World Series Sowell, Mike; 1995 
 22Buckner Boot Remains King of Gaffes Wendel, Tim; 1998 
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