September 23, 2014
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 1Throwing Error Gives Sarasota All-Star Nod  1970 
 2Only 2 Pitchers on July List for Topps Awards n; 1972 
 3Bucs' Roberto May Be Aging, But His Bat Still Packs a Wallop Feeney, Charley; 1972 
 4Class A, Rookie All-Stars Listed n; 1972 
 5Power and Speed--Parker's Ticket to Majors Teitelbaum, Bob; 1972 
 6Two of Three Carolina Laurels Go to Pirates n; 1972 
 7Carolina n; 1972 
 8Charlies' Slugging Parker May Fill Clemente's Shoes Hardman, A.L.; 1973 
 9Salem to Sponsor Clemente Classic n; 1973 
 10Whips Put Three on I.L. All-Stars n; 1973 
 11Parker Bolsters Buccos at Gateway Feeney, Charley; 1974 
 12National League Names Aaron Player of Week n; 1974 
 13Danny to Stress Buc Versatility in Spring Camp Feeney, Charley; 1974 
 14Bucs' Zisk Facing a Job Challenge Feeney, Charley; 1974 
 15Switch to First Base Angers Bucs' Oliver Feeney, Charley; 1974 
 16Baby Bucs Weave Man-Sized Tale in N.L. East Feeney, Charley; 1974 
 17The Bucs Stop Here? n; 1975 
 18Danny Maps Out Key Assignments for Bucco Subs Feeney, Charley; 1975 
 19Parker Wins Starting Job, Pirates Cross Fingers Feeney, Charley; 1975 
 20Pirates Juggle Lineup to Shore Up Defense Feeney, Chub; 1975 
 21When Bucs Begin to Slide, Parker's Bat Fuels Revival Feeney, Charley; 1976 
 22Pirates Pack Wallop, But They're Also Slow Feeney, Charley; 1976 
 23Experts Evaluate Baseball's Best Young Hitters Bortstein, Larry; 1976 
 24Pirate Parker Plans 10-Plus Program Feeney, Charley; 1976 
 25Slugging Buccos Quick to Cash In on Chances Feeney, Charley; 1976 
 26Unlucky Oates Lost to Phils With Broken Collarbone Kelly, Ray; 1976 
 27Bucs Putting Hopes on Winter Ball Feeney, Charley; 1976 
 28Robinson's Super Bat Job Erases Pirate Sub Stigma Feeney, Charley; 1976 
 29Dave Parker Clark, Tom; 1976 
 30Good as He Was, Parker Hoped for More Feeney, Charley; 1976 
 31Parker Regains Old Role in Buc Game Plan Feeney, Charley; 1976 
 32Parker's a Bitter Cookie...Not Enough Sugar Feeney, Charley; 1977 
 33Parker Sees More RBIs in Higher Spot Feeney, Charley; 1977 
 34Henderson, Aase Win Player of Week Honors  1977 
 35Lucky Bucs Find Robinson Can Do Job On Daily Basis Feeney, Charley; 1977 
 36Phillies, Reds, Dominate N.L. Gold Glove Squad: Parker Feeney, Charley; 1977 
 37Eastwick No. 1 Target in Pirate Aim Feeney, Charley; 1977 
 38Dave Parker of the Pirates Best Big Hitter in the Majors Today Kuenster, John; 1977 
 39Luckless Bucs Hear a Query: 'How?' Feeney, Charley; 1977 
 40On Playground Or Battlefield, Parker Is BIG Feeney, Charley; 1977 
 41What the Experts Say  1977 
 42Aging Stargell Still a Buc Dynamiter Feeney, Charley; 1977 
 43It's Hard To Pass the Bucs Bingham, Walter; 1977 
 44Parker, Foster Top N.L. All-Star Selections Henkey, Ben; 1977 
 45'Renegotiate' a Naughty Word - Parker Like Seaver Holtzman, Jerome; 1977 
 46Give Parker What He Asks? Bucs Must Decide Feeney, Charlie; 1977 
 47Bucs Battle To Hang On Until Parker Returns Feeney, Charley; 1978 
 48Pirates' Parker N.L. Batting Champ  1978 
 49The Week (August 13-19) Kaplan, Jim; 1978 
 50Parker, Stennett Saddest of Bucs Feeney, Charley; 1978 
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