September 3, 2015
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 1Rookies: NL East  1987 
 2Nixon Could Be the One in Center MacDonald, Ian; 1989 
 3Which Hitters Are Easiest to Double Up? Dewan, John; Don Zminda; STATS, Inc.; 1990 
 4Which Hitters Are at Home on the Road? Dewan, John; Don Zminda; STATS, Inc.; 1990 
 5Dave Martinez a Hit For Expos, Misses The Cubs Keegan, Tom; 1990 
 6Montreal Expos STATS, Inc.; 1991 
 7Cincinnati Reds Report  1992 
 8Every Action Has Equal, Opposite Reaction Benson, John; 1992 
 9Crowd Lines Up To Enter Lineup Rains, Rob; Williams, Pete; 1992 
 10Cincinnati Reds Report  1992 
 11Moving Melodrama Played at Candlestick Rains, Rob; 1992 
 121992 Player Profiles (cont.) STATS, Inc.; 1992 
 13Montreal Expos STATS, Inc.; 1992 
 141993 Player Profiles (cont.) STATS, Inc.; 1993 
 15Cincinnati Reds STATS, Inc.; 1993 
 16San Francisco Giants Report  1994 
 17San Francisco Giants  1994 
 181994 Player Profiles (cont.) STATS, Inc.; 1994 
 19Chicago White Sox  1995 
 20San Francisco Giants  1995 
 21Chicago White Sox  1995 
 22Chicago White Sox  1995 
 231995 Player Profiles (cont.) STATS, Inc.; 1995 
 24Chicago White Sox STATS, Inc.; 1995 
 25San Francisco Giants STATS, Inc.; 1995 
 26Chicago White Sox  1995 
 27Chicago White Sox  1996 
 281996 Player Profiles (cont.) STATS, Inc.; 1996 
 29Chicago White Sox  1996 
 30Chicago White Sox  1996 
 31Chicago White Sox  1996 
 32Tartabull Supplies Final Piece of Potent Puzzle  1996 
 33Chicago White Sox  1996 
 34Chicago White Sox STATS, Inc.; 1996 
 35Tampa Bay Devil Rays  1997 
 36Expansion Comparisons Inevitable: Rays, D'Backs Rivalry Grows, Although Both Clubs Deny It Williams, Pete; 1997 
 37Tampa Bay Devil Rays  1997 
 38Put It Back in the Attic McQuay, Timothy; 1997 
 39Chicago White Sox  1997 
 401997 Player Profiles (cont.) STATS, Inc.; 1997 
 41Chicago White Sox (cont.) Huckabay, Gary; Clay Davenport; Rany Jazayerli; Chris Kahrl; Joseph S. Sheehan; 1997 
 42Fantasy Guide '97: AL: Winning ugly Hunt, John; 1997 
 43Fantasy Guide '97: Playing the field: AL Hunt, John; 1997 
 44Tampa Bay Devil Rays: Projected Opening Day Lineup  1998 
 45Martinez: Never in October McQuay, Timothy; Dana Heiss; 1998 
 46Chicago White Sox Hitters (cont.) Huckabay, Gary; Clay Davenport; Rany Jazayerli; Chris Kahrl; Keith Law; Dave Pease; Steven Rubio; Joseph S. Sheehan; 1998 
 47Fizzlers Hunt, John; 1999 
 48Scoring Changes  1999 
 49Tampa Bay Devil Rays  1999 
 50A First Swing at AL Lineups: Tampa Bay Devil Rays Hunt, John; 1999 
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