September 4, 2015
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 1Alexandria Places 7 on TL All-Star Team n; 1972 
 2Hilton, Troedson Head Fast-Rising Padre Kids Collier, Phil; 1973 
 3Kroc Goal for Padres: That Old Yank Pride Collier, Phil; 1974 
 4Padre Kid Hurlers Rate Barton Bow Collier, Phil; 1974 
 5Padre Hurlers Tame Hitters With New Deliveries Collier, Phil; 1974 
 6Tutor Craig Proud of Padre Hill Talent Collier, Phil; 1976 
 7Padres Interested in Re-Entry List Collier, Phil; 1976 
 8McNamara's Pitching Band Too Few in Number Collier, Phil; 1976 
 9Fingers' Tips Help Spillner Save Sinking Padre Starters Collier, Phil; 1977 
 10Padres Measure Up To Most-Improved Label Collier, Phil; 1977 
 11Indians Get the Message From Garcia - and Win Sudyk, Bob; 1979 
 12'We Are Innocent,' Say Barker, Glynn Pluto, Terry; 1982 
 13Corrales' Job: Improve Tribe Ocker, Sheldon; 1983 
 14Weak Relief Puts Indians in a Bind Ocker, Sheldon; 1983 
 15Baseball's Underrated Players Goddard, Joe; 1983 
 16Indians Pitching Is Up and Down Ocker, Sheldon; 1983 
 17n; 1983 
 18Frazier Looms as Bullpen Ace Ocker, Sheldon; 1984 
 19 Goddard, Joe; 1986 
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