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 1Toronto's G-Men Form Sharp DP Team MacCarl, Neil; 1980 
 2Jays Check Out Winter Leagues MacCarl, Neil; 1980 
 3Tomorrow's Heroes  1980 
 4Jays Ecstatic Over DP Combo MacCarl, Neil; 1980 
 5Blue Jays Got the Message To Garcia About Hitting MacCarl, Neil; 1980 
 6Baseball Digest's 1980 Rookie All-Star Team Vass, George; 1980 
 7Four Jays Are Safe From Deals Keller, Arlie; 1980 
 8They're Up in Arms Over Beanballs Wulf, Steve; 1980 
 9The Worst Double-Play Combinations  1981 
 10Second Basemen Riding a Cycle Gammons, Peter; 1982 
 11The Message From Garcia Wulf, Steve; 1982 
 12Garcia Kept Going By Rubber Sleeve MacCarl, Neil; 1982 
 13Confidence Builds Success for Jays' Damaso Garcia Cromwell, Carter; 1982 
 14Cox Likes Collins' Bat in No. 2 Slot MacCarl, Neil; 1982 
 15Strike Didn't Stop Jays From Hurting MacCarl, Neil; 1982 
 16Rookie Hrbek Rated Best First Sacker Gammons, Peter; 1982 
 17Jays' Garcia Earns Super Rating at 2B MacCarl, Neil; 1982 
 18In the A.L.: Right Makes Might Henkey, Ben; 1982 
 19Baseball's Not-So-Free Agents  1982 
 20Black 'n' Blue Jays Suffer New Hurts MacCarl, Neil; 1982 
 21Ten On the Menu: the Stove Is Hot This Year Stark, Jayson; 1983 
 22Jays' Griffin Is '82 Iron Man MacCarl, Neil; 1983 
 23Garcia Is Furious Despite Salary Win MacCarl, Neil; 1983 
 24A Latin All-Star Team  1984 
 25Upshaw, Garcia Sign For Five Years MacCarl, Neil; 1984 
 26Moseby Gets $3 Million Package MacCarl, Neil; 1984 
 27Baseball's Igniters; Baby, They Can Light a Fire Goddard, Joe; 1984 
 28Some Hefty Contract Settlements  1984 
 29How Jack Morris Sizes Up Some of His Batting Foes Gage, Tom; and Joe Falls; 1985 
 30Ball Park Figures? Better Believe It Maisel, Ivan; 1985 
 31Revitalized Garcia Sparks Win Streak MacCarl, Neil; 1985 
 32Jays Hail Selection of Williams MacCarl, Neil; 1985 
 33From the Heart: Minor League Mentor Mike Ferraro Gets a Message From Garcia: Thank You! Gergen, Joe; 1985 
 341985 TSN All-Star Squads  1985 
 35 MacDonald, Ian; 1989 
 36Help Wanted Gammons, Peter; 1989 
 37Garcia Opens Up Comebackl With Early Heroics MacDonald, Ian; 1989 
 38Twins' Puckett is Double Trouble  1989 
 39Solid Prospects Answer Expos' Call for Help MacDonald, Ian; 1989 
 40How the Division Races Shape Up For '90 Season Vass, George; 1990 
 41 Madden, Bill; 1990 
 42The Only Ticket Off the Island Joyce, Gare; 1990 
 43Best Wishes Rains, Rob; Wendel, Tim; Lawes, Rick; 1991 
 44Garcia Comes Back To Throw First Pitch Wendel, Tim; 1992 
 45Foreword Claire, Fred; 1995 
 46Scouts, Scouting, and The Scouting Notebook Olbermann, Keith; 1995 
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