August 31, 2015
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 1Almond and Boggs Rank High in Free-Agent Draft Lang, Jack; 1974 
 2Braves Will Comb Camp For a Lefthanded Starter Minshew, Wayne; 1975 
 3Camp Opened for Non-Roster Braves Minshew, Wayne; 1976 
 4Braves Discover Prize Among Palms Minshew, Wayne; 1976 
 5All Braves Want for Xmas is `Another Bat' Minshew, Wayne; 1976 
 6El Paso Trio Selected on Class AA All-Stars n; 1976 
 7With Pitching Set, Astros Look for Catcher Shattuck, Harry; 1976 
 8Braves Excited Over LaCorte, Murphy Minshew, Wayne; 1976 
 9Braves Extra Cautious Along Free-Agent Route Minshew, Wayne; 1976 
 10Braves Need Catching, More Punch Minshew, Wayne; 1976 
 11Murphy Hasn't Solved Puzzle of Erratic Arm  1977 
 12Throwing Flaws Block Path Back To Majors For Murphy Fulp, Vic; 1977 
 13Braves Flash Old Frin Over Murphy's New Arm Minshew, Wayne; 1977 
 14Braves Illustrated 1977 Yearbook Hope, Bob, ed.; 1977 
 15Murphy Youngest of Youthful Braves Minshew, Wayne; 1978 
 16Uncrowned Champions Also Had Their Inning Middlemas, Larry; 1978 
 17Young Braves Light Up Bleak Tepee Minshew, Wayne; 1978 
 18Murphy Raps Own Kunckles For Bat Failrues as a Brave Minshew, Wayne; 1978 
 19Braves Bet Their Future On Kids Bonnell, Murphy Minshew, Wayne; 1978 
 20Dale Murphy and Murphy's Law Bisher, Furman; 1978 
 21Dale Murphy: His Baseball Potential is Unlimited Elderkin, Phil; 1979 
 22Muscle-Men Kingman, Murphy Share Honors  1979 
 23Braves' Murphy Facing Knee Cartilage Surgery  1979 
 24Murphy's Bat Puts Whoopee in Tepee Picking, Ken; 1979 
 25Braves' Health Depends On Healing Injuries Picking, Ken; 1979 
 261979 Braves Illustrated Minshew, Wayne, ed.; 1979 
 27Pocoroba Calms Braves' Catching Fears Picking, Ken; 1980 
 28Here Comes the Majors' Best New Home Run Combo! Picking, Ken; 1980 
 29Here Are Some Performances That Should be Rewarded! Klein, Moss; 1980 
 30Braves Ticket Murphy For Left Field Post Picking, Ken; 1980 
 317 Candidates for Stardom in 1980 and Beyond! Vass, George; 1980 
 32Braves a 'Family' Again Picking, Ken; 1980 
 33Majors Cite Four For August Play  1980 
 34Braves, Benedict Reach Accord Picking, Ken; 1981 
 35Braves Slow To Sign Pacts Picking, Ken; 1981 
 36'We'll Play Again,' Murphy Tells Curious Atlanta Fans Tucker, Tim; 1981 
 37Alexander Rings Bell On Giant Hill Peters, Nick; 1981 
 38Outfield Is Superb Tucker, Tim; 1981 
 39Braves Are Leaning On Horner, Murphy Tucker, Tim; 1982 
 40Dale Murphy: A Brave Leader Hits His Stride Tucker, Tim; 1982 
 41Everyone Shares in Braves' Skid Tucker, Tim; 1982 
 42Not Home Free Yet Wulf, Steve; 1982 
 43Braves' Mission: Signing Murphy Tucker, Tim; 1982 
 44Murphy Finds Groove - in All Directions Isle, Stan; 1982 
 45Murphy Powers Braves' Climb Tucker, Tim; 1982 
 46Braves Must Sign Murphy, Horner Tucker, Tim; 1982 
 47N.L. All-Stars a Winning Blend Henkey, Ben; 1982 
 48Braves Recall the Good Times Tucker, Tim; 1982 
 49Complete Player: Dale Murphy-Hit, Field Or Run, Murf Gets It Done Tucker, Tim; 1982 
 50Loss of Horner Pinches Braves Tucker, Tim; 1983 
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