August 28, 2015
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 1The Greatest Outfielder in the National League Mason, Ward; 1916 
 2A Brand New System of Batting Averages Lane, F.C.; 1917 
 3"Cy" Williams - Game Protector Lewis, Roy; 1920 
 4A Scientific Way to Compile Batting Averages Murphy, John H.; 1924 
 5You've Never Seen Anything Like It !  1924 
 6You've Never Seen Anything Like It !  1924 
 7 Hoefer, W. R.; 1924 
 8Where Do Big League Ball Players Come From? Reed, Robert H.; 1925 
 9Hitting Home Runs Williams, Fred "Cy"; 1926 
 10Editorial Comment  1926 
 11The Big Three of the Home Run Hitters Ward, John J.; 1926 
 12Why So Many Baseball Rookies Fail Williams, Cy, From an interview with; 1926 
 13Winter Glimpses of Baseball's Stars  1926 
 14The Circuit Clout that Cleans the Bases ! Gettelson, Leonard, from statistics by; 1927 
 15The Circuit Clout that Cleans the Bases ! Gettelson, Leonard, from statistics by; 1927 
 16The Hectic Career of the Fraternity of First Basemen Pipp, Wally, and Jim Bottomley, a breezy dialog by; 1927 
 17The Pitchers' Arms Brandt, William E.; 1930 
 18Odd and Interesting Baseball Items Irving, Ira; 1933 
 19The Luck of the Game Bloodgood, Clifford; 1933 
 20Diamond Oddities Irving, Ira; 1937 
 21Hello, Boss - Goodbye  1946 
 22Place-Hitting Veech, Ellis J.; 1948 
 23Joe Williams: The Texas Cyclone Smith, Robert; 1952 
 24The Few Who Haven't Heard Of Homers Bryson, Bill; 1960 
 25Cave-In of Stands Gave N.L. Hitters Shot at 9-Park Mark  1961 
 26Sleuth Impressed By Japanese Stars Kritzer, Cy; 1963 
 27Why the Majors--Cheer, Cheer for Old Notre Dame Gagnon, Cappy; 1965 
 28Late Rush Propelling Richie Into HR Race Lewis, Allen; 1966 
 29Bucs Honor Stiglmeier  1970 
 30A Pitcher With Heart - That's John Hiller Stolze, Craig; 1974 
 31Cy Williams--A Power Socker: How He Could Pull! Broeg, Bob; 1974 
 32n; 1974 
 33Cy Williams: Early-Day Slugger--Classic Pull Hitter Broeg, Bob; 1976 
 34This Fellow Loves Philadelphia: The Fans, Bless 'Em Broeg, Bob; 1976 
 35Veterans Committee Voting Lacks Logic Koppett, Leonard; 1977 
 36Darrell Evans: the Majors' 'senior Citizen of Clout' Tingley, Ken; 1988 
 37Major League Scouts Seek 'diamonds in the Rough' O'Shei, Tim; 1993 
 38Cubs Trades Gold, Eddie; 1999 
 39Dode Paskert is Baseball Jones, David; 2000 
 40The End of an Era Floto, James; 2000 
 41Ranking Baseball's Best Single-Season Home Run Hitters Bang, Kyle; 2004 
 42Fred "Cy" Williams Gagnon, Cappy; 2004 
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