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 1Flood v. Kuhn   
 2The Cincinnati Reds Story: Power, Power, Power! Creamer, Robert; 1956 
 3Quick Look at Some Rookies Graham, Frank, Jr.; 1958 
 4The Coach Nobody Wanted Noble, John Wesley; 1958 
 5St. Louis Cardinals  1959 
 6St. Louis Cardinals  1959 
 7U.S. Judge Sets May 18 For Trial of Flood Suit  1960 
 8Backstop Smith, Flyhawk Flood - Slick Glove Guys Kahan, Oscar; 1960 
 9Kids Cut Classy Capers in Cards' Comeback Climb Ray, Ralph; 1960 
 10All-Star Troupe Will Tour South - 33-Game Sked  1960 
 11Cards Strutting Over High-Class Crew of Curvers Kahan, Oscar; 1960 
 12Birds Find Missing Flood - and Unwelcome One in Cincy  1961 
 13Sadecki, Keeping Stuff Low, Hitting High Notes For Cards Russo, Neal; 1961 
 14Alert Buchek Nabs Fumbled Fly Ball, Saves Card Putout  1961 
 15Forgotten Guy Flood Flexes Biceps in Birds' Big Splash: Curt Dazzles at Bat, Afield, Grammas Shows Fresh Punch Russo, Neal; 1961 
 16Boyer Socked .326 at Home, Dipped to .280 in Road Tilts n; 1961 
 17Banks Racks Up His Third Fielding Title at Shortstop n; 1961 
 18Solly Tussles With Redbird Picket Puzzle Stockton, J. Roy; 1961 
 19N.L. All-Stars Win at Houston On Dabek's Hit Nealon, Clark; 1962 
 20...But Minnie Keeps the Cardinals Loose  1962 
 21How Flood Finally Made It; the St. Louis Centerfielder's Success Is Mostly a Result of His Determination. He's Battled Against Odds Throughout His Baseball Life. Pepe, Phil; 1962 
 22Should the Man Retire? His '62 Figures Say No Russo, Neal; 1962 
 23Dick Groat and His Hitting Machine Bingham, Walter; 1963 
 24S is for So Lovable Angell, Roger; 1963 
 25The Desperate Chase - the Fabulous Seven Days Leggett, William; 1963 
 26Flood Fits Into Leadoff Slot: Keane Rates Curt Top Choice to Handle No. 1 Card Niche Russo, Neal; 1963 
 27Mays, Bruton, Willie Davis, Flood Topped 400 Putouts  1963 
 28Card Trio May Pack Wallop If Stan Can Repeat '62 Feats  1963 
 29James Makes Dazzling Stab Subbing for Flood in Center  1963 
 30Pay Cut Goads Curt to Grab Ace Ranking on Cards' Slab Corps Russo, Neal; 1963 
 31Cards Halt Henley No-Hit With One-Out in Ninth Wolf, Bob; 1963 
 32The 23 Greatest Plays of the 1964 Season Simons, Herbert; 1964 
 33Conditions and Comments Stainback, Berry; 1964 
 34Yanks Outclassed at Five Positions Burick, Si; 1964 
 35Card Heroes Get Warning: Beware of Banquet Circuit Russo, Neal; 1965 
 36Bauman Gives Redbirds Moments to Remember Russo, Neal; 1965 
 37Inside Facts Roth, Allan; 1965 
 38The Black Cats Are Stalking the Redbirds Mann, Jack; 1965 
 39Curt Flood in the Midnight League - When the Game Is Over, When the Other Players Relax, Curt's Tension Hits Its Peak. the St. Louis Star Is a Study in Overwhelming Determination Stump, Al; 1965 
 40Inside Facts Roth, Allan; 1965 
 41Flood All Ready to Flash With Best Card Clouters Russo, Neal; 1965 
 42Jackie Robinson and Bill Russell: Where the Negro Goes From Here in Sports  1966 
 43Curt Flood: Hustling Red Bird Peck, Ira; 1966 
 44Inside Facts Roth, Allan; 1966 
 45The Year of the Holdouts  1966 
 46Cards Ride Victory Crest Again With Curt at Flood Tide in Hits Russo, Neal; 1966 
 47Shannon Socks Fourteenth Game-Winning Blow of '66 n; 1966 
 48With Glove, Bat and Brush Rumill, Ed; 1967 
 49Cardinals Hoping to Crest With Curt's Flood of Hits Herman, Jack; 1967 
 50The Next Willie Mays Broeg, Bob; 1967 
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