April 19, 2015
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 1Another Italian Keystoner Makes Good Bloodgood, Clifford; 1934 
 2Baseball Stars in Minor Settings Milne, Robert; 1934 
 3Curve Balling The Official Records Anderson, Arthur O.W.; 1937 
 4Legion Raised Adams, Franklyn J.; 1937 
 5Major League Batting Feats of 1939 Scheiffele, Fred; 1939 
 6Joe DiMaggio, Player of the Year Daniel, Daniel M.; 1939 
 7The Dodgers 1941: Today and Yesterday in Brooklyn Baseball Hoard, Clinton H., ed.; Charles Dexter; 1941 
 8Harry Lavagetto, Called Cookie, The Popular Infielder Of The Jolly Dodgers  1941 
 9Oakland, Home of the Squirels; Oakland Has Given the World of Sports Bigger and Better Screwballs Than All the Well Advertised Brooklyn Dodgers Maddock, Lloyd; 1943 
 10Brooklyn Dodgers 4, New York Yankees 2 Young, Dick; 1947 
 11Next To Godliness Smith, Red; 1947 
 12Pinch Hit Robs Yankee of No-Hitter and Evens World Series at 2 All Rennie, Rud; 1947 
 13Nothing Like It  1947 
 14Most Exciting Two Minutes in History of World Series; With the Dodgers Hitless Until the Last Half of the Ninth Inning, Pinch-Hitter Cookie Lavagetto Wins the Game and Is Hero For a Day  1947 
 15Next To Godliness Smith, Red; 1947 
 16Cookie Went 4 for 3 (Ducks, That Is!) Hurley, Jim; 1947 
 17The Stole the Series From the Stars Paxton, Harry T.; 1949 
 18They Stole the Series From the Stars Paxton, Harry T.; 1949 
 19Fall Guys of Baseball Considine, Bob; 1949 
 20Dodger Coaches Given Permission to Negotiate  1953 
 21It Happened in Brooklyn Menke, Frank G.; 1953 
 22  1953 
 23They Also Serve Steiger, Gus.; 1953 
 24Logic  1957 
 25Life and Hope in Baseball's Cellar Barcella, Ernest L.; 1957 
 26The Art of Managing Dressen, Charlie; 1958 
 27You Can't Pick a Series Hero Graham, Frank, Jr.; 1958 
 28How the Other Half Lives Kahn, Roger; 1958 
 29Great Moments at Baseball's Summit Daley, Arthur; 1958 
 30The Littlest Big Leaguer Povich, Shirley; 1959 
 31The Ten Greatest Games Greene, Lee; 1959 
 32Slide, Senor, Slide Gelman, Steve; 1959 
 33Hitters Without a Weakness Addie, Bob; 1959 
 34Cookie's Delight  1959 
 35The Senators' Pistol Pedro Addie, Bob; 1960 
 36Daddy Of The Pinch-Hitters Reagan, Frank; 1960 
 37Fadeout For Little Albie Pearson Addie, Bob; 1960 
 38Courtney's A Real "Old Oriole" Steadman, John F; 1960 
 39Barnum Bill Booms Hose To Repeat Pennant Dash Holtzman, Jerry; 1960 
 40Sleeper Mincher's Fancy Clouts Giving Nats Wide-Awake Look Povich, Shirley; 1960 
 41Phils' Flop Ended Coombs' Hopes For Piloting Career  1960 
 42'Battey Will Be Best in Two Or Three Years' - Lavagetto  1960 
 43Fischer, Swapped By Nats, Doffs Lid To Skipper Cookie  1960 
 44Cookie's Castoffs - Capital Crew: Miracle-Man Lavagetto Turns Discards Into Nat Aces; Injury Wave Fails To Slow Team's Pace Addie, Bob; 1960 
 45Senators Sniff Rare First-Division Air - Pascual Perking Up Povich, Shirley; 1960 
 46Five Miscues in One Inning Nearly Made Cookie Crackle  1960 
 47Umps Respect Lavagetto - Pay Attention To His Beefs  1960 
 48Protest On Reverse Ruling Nullified By Nat Victory  1960 
 49Hot-Swinging Gardner Makes Poor Prophet of Pilot Cookie  1960 
 50Battling Nats Click as No. 1 Yank-Killers Addie, Bob; 1960 
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