September 2, 2015
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 1Millan Named Topps Player of the Month n; 1967 
 20-for-35 at Dish - But Manuel Vows To Sock the Curve Lamey, Mike; 1969 
 3Mauler Manuel a Twin Camp Sensation Goethel, Arno; 1969 
 4Twins' Rookie Manuel, Like Babe, Called Shot  1969 
 5Twins Hit Lots of High Notes in Their Giddy `69 Swan Song Lamey, Mike; 1969 
 6  1970 
 7'Mistake' at the Races: Manuel Collects $1,165  1970 
 8Bevos' Grinder Manuel Makes Home-Run Hash McKean, Dale; 1971 
 9Here Is Sad Story of Charlie Manuel: No Taste of Glory Fowler, Bob; 1971 
 10It's All or Nothing for Twins' Manuel Fowler, Bob; 1972 
 11Quilici Leads With Gentle Talk--Or Left Hook Fowler, Bob; 1972 
 12Manuel Hits Moon Shot as Twins Sweep Hawaii n; 1973 
 13Manuel Amazes Mantle in Home-Run Contest n; 1974 
 14Eastern PCL All-Stars Win Rain-Shortened Game 8-1 Honeywell, Ed; 1974 
 15Spokane's Robson Gets Most Valuable Honor n; 1974 
 16Puckett and Weaver Hot Prospects Reusse, Patrick; 1983 
 17Gardner Takes Twins Up On Offer Reusse, Patrick; 1985 
 18O'Brien Not Worried About Cooldown Ocker, Sheldon; 1989 
 19 Ocker, Sheldon; 1989 
 20Cleveland Indians Report  1992 
 21Pacific Coast League Koenig, Bill; 1992 
 22Managerial Shifts Koenig, Bill; 1993 
 23Russell and Manuel Lead All-Star Crews Koenig, Bill; 1993 
 24Men Without Hats Koenig, Bill; 1993 
 25The Albert Zone Winston, Lisa; 1994 
 26Cleveland Indians  1994 
 27Lofton Puts Tribe at Full Speed Livingston, Bill; 1995 
 28Manuel's Job Not Quite as Easy as It Looks Tennant, Scott; 1995 
 29Scholarly Tribe Learns to Adjust: Second Time Around, Indians Teach Maddux a Thing Or Two Koenig, Bill; 1995 
 30So Far, Lofton Goes It Alone White, Paul; Chuck Melvin; 1995 
 31Camps & Schools Guide '96  1996 
 32Cleveland Indians  1997 
 33The Pride of Peoria  1998 
 34Cleveland Indians  1998 
 35Center of Questions: Lofton To Be Examined Today; Roster Status Still in Question Ingraham, Jim; 2000 
 36Cleveland Indians  2000 
 37Cleveland Indians  2001 
 38Cleveland Indians  2001 
 39Mariners Are a Lock; Bonds is On a Roll (cont.) Nightengale, Bob; 2001 
 40Indians On Way to Restoring Swagger Nightengale, Bob; 2001 
 41Cleveland Indians  2001 
 42Cleveland Indians  2001 
 43Cleveland Indians  2001 
 44Expect unexpected in management shuffle Livingsone, Seth; 2001 
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