September 4, 2015
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 1Expos Stay in Orbit Despite Ailing Stars MacDonald, Ian; 1980 
 2Memphis Farewell  1980 
 3Christmas Is Early: No-Hitter For Lea MacDonald, Ian; 1981 
 4Expos' Lea Sizzles in August Surge MacDonald, Ian; 1982 
 5Tigers' Wilcox Nearly Perfect  1983 
 6Lea, Rogers Felled By Blows To Head MacDonald, Ian; 1983 
 7No-Hitter Eludes 'Awesome' Lea MacDonald, Ian; 1983 
 8Lea's Mound Gems Keep Expos Afloat MacDonald, Ian; 1983 
 9Montreal Hurkers Get Weak Support MacDonald, Ian; 1984 
 10Expos Hope To Blossom With Rose MacDonald, Ian; 1984 
 11No Ignorance in His Tools Spander, Art; 1984 
 12Lea a Big Winner By Escaping Jams McDonald, Ian; 1984 
 13Carter Trade Stunned Most Expos MacDonald, Ian; 1985 
 14Appraisal Precedes Instruction: Rodgers MacDonald, Ian; 1985 
 15Here Are Some Pivotal Players Who May Affect Outcome of '86 Races Kuenster, John; 1986 
 16 MacDonald, Ian; 1986 
 17Twins' Lea Escaping Circle of Pain Vancil, Mark; 1988 
 18Extended Rest For Lea: Retirement Powers, Tom; 1989 
 19Sundberg Stays Put  1989 
 20 Powers, Tom; 1989 
 21 Powers, Tom; 1989 
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