August 28, 2015
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 1Snake Snarls Florida State Game  1968 
 2Cedeno Starting to Sprout in Astros' Middle Garden Wilson, John; 1970 
 3Wynn Hopes This Will Be His Last Season as Astro  1970 
 4Morton Defeats Carbo For N.L. Rookie Title Lang, Jack; 1970 
 5Topps Winners Earn Fast Trip to the Majors  1970 
 6Skidding Astros Grab Cedeno, Unload Davis  1970 
 7Howlett High On Cedeno - 'May Be Another Mays'  1970 
 8Astros Hail 89ers' Cesar as Minors' Top Prospect Dellinger, Bob; 1970 
 9Cedeno Dances While Astros Fiddle Wilson, John; 1970 
 10Super-Star Status Awaits Cedeno Wilson, John; 1971 
 11Opening Game Feats Earn Two Watches For Cedeno  1971 
 12Astros Likely To Restore CF To Wynn Wilson, John; 1971 
 13Astros Tap Hustling Rookie Metzger No. 1 Shortstop Wilson, John; 1971 
 14Cesar Cedeno: "I Know I Can Do Anything" Libby, Bill; 1971 
 15Rader and Cedno Engage in Dugout Shoving Match  1971 
 16Astros' Cedeno Earns New Chance With a Hot Bat Wilson, John; 1971 
 17Astros Counting On Big Boppers To Start Hitting Wilson, John; 1971 
 18Better To Fight Than Talk  1971 
 19Menke at First Base in Astros' No. 1 Battle Plan Wilson, John; 1971 
 20Astros' Super Baby Goes Hungry at Plate Wilson, John; 1971 
 21Cesar Cedeno Baseball's Next Super Star ? Heiling, Joe; 1971 
 22Inside the park grand slam homers are baseball's rarest hits  1971 
 23Inside the park grand slam homers are baseball's rarest hits  1971 
 24Hail, Cesar! and Hello Peterson, Harold; 1972 
 25Cesar Cedeno: a New Clemente in the Making Rumill, Ed; 1972 
 26Houston Astros: The Judge's Verdict Pepe, Phil; 1972 
 27Explosive Cedeno is Most Exciting Astro, Walker Says Wilson, John; 1972 
 28Ban Ends Cedeno's Streak n; 1972 
 29Morgan Off and Running on Base-Stealing Spree Lawson, Earl; 1972 
 30Clutch Hits Fueling Astros; Cedeno Hottest Producer Wilson, John; 1972 
 31Music Soothes Roberts--Gives Rest of Astros a Lift Wilson, John; 1972 
 32Astros' Cedeno Named N.L. PLayer of Week n; 1972 
 33Dominican Natives Score 3-1 Victory Comarazamy, Roosevelt; 1972 
 34Astros Show Oddities in Club Records Wilson, John; 1972 
 35Unbalanced Astros Lean to Right Side of Plate Wilson, John; 1972 
 36Cesar Cedeno: A New Clemente in the Making Rumill, Ed; 1972 
 37Williams, Carlton Top Choices in N.L. Ranks--Picks of Players Henkey, Ben; 1972 
 38Clemente Hauls Down 12th N.L. Glove Award Henkey, Ben; 1972 
 39Astros Compare Kid Cedeno to Super Stars Wilson, John; 1972 
 40Cesar Conquers Hurlers, But Other Astros Swoon Wilson, John; 1972 
 41Reds Mark Time in `Hopped-Up' Astro Series Lawson, Earl; 1972 
 42Prexy Feeney Shuffles N.L. Umpiring Crews Isle, Stan; 1972 
 43Cedeno Player of Month; Sanguillen, Lacy in Tie n; 1972 
 44May Big Muscle in Astro HR Surge Wilson, John; 1972 
 45Reds' Crew Sinks Cards Again, But Gibby Sails Merrily On Russo, Neal; 1972 
 46If Astros Need a Run, Metzger is Their Man Wilson, John; 1972 
 47High Praise for Cedeno n; 1972 
 48Cesar Cedeno...The Next Super Star? Wilson, John; 1972 
 49Mom Gets Credit For a Big Assist n; 1972 
 50Race Far From Over, Say Fading Astros Wilson, John; 1972 
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