September 3, 2015
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 1Anchorage New King of NBC Meet  1969 
 2Champ Sun Devils Land Two All-America Berths Shainman, Larry; 1969 
 3Rusty Gerhardt Selected Sandlot Player of Year  1970 
 4PCL Players Top Topps' AAA Stars  1971 
 5Baseball Takes Another Step Toward Olympics Kahan, Oscar; 1971 
 6Midwest Tops College Baseball Dream Team Chanin, Abe; 1971 
 7They're Out of Their Classes Jares, Joe; 1971 
 8A Dropout With a Big Future Fimrite, Ron; 1971 
 9Cubs Hollerin' About Hooton as Top Rookie of '72 Munzel, Edgar; 1971 
 10PCL Names To Remember: Hooton, Anderson, Hutton Borsch, Fred; 1971 
 11A Matter of Perspective  1971 
 12Hooton's Knuckle Curve: Mystery To PCL Hitters Honeywell, Ed; 1971 
 13Hooton Strikes Out 19; Matches PCL Record  1971 
 14No-hitters Are Nothing New For Burt Hooten Rumill, Ed; 1972 
 15Hooton Is Doing His Thang Fimrite, Ron; 1972 
 16Hooton No-Hitter Defies the Laws of Chance Munzel, Edgar; 1972 
 17National League Names Hooton Player of Week n; 1972 
 18No-Hitters Are Nothing New for Burt Hooton Rumill, Ed; 1972 
 19Unhappy Cubs Sing Familiar Tune Holtzman, Jerome; 1972 
 20Mets Go on Overtime Schedule n; 1972 
 21No Jinx in Hooton's Xmas Stocking Holtzman, Jerome; 1972 
 22Burt Hooton Delliquanti, Dom; 1973 
 23Specs, Once Taboo in Sports, Now Everybody's Pal Scott, Jim; 1973 
 24Chant Growing in Chi: Cardenal is MVP Cub Holtzman, Jerome; 1973 
 25Hooton: Fireman Now Brakeman Dozer, Richard; 1973 
 26Lockman to Hurlers: `Gimme Five' Dozer, Richard; 1974 
 27Curves Help Hooton Get Back on Straightaway Dozer, Richard; 1974 
 28Garcia Ties PCL Whiff Mark Borsch, Fred; 1974 
 29Hooton is Coming Out of His Shell--Big Plus for Cubs Holtzman, Jerome; 1975 
 30How a Knuckle Curver Knuckled Down in Lotus Land Wischnia, Bob; 1976 
 31The Rebirth of Burt Hooten Newhan, Ross; 1976 
 32'76 Dodgers Yearbook Shumard, Bill, Fred Claire; Steve Brener, Eds.; 1976 
 33Who'll Succeed Dodger Skipper Alston? Lasorda Verrell, Gordon; 1976 
 34`We Can Win Without Andy,' Dodgers Claim Verrell, Gordon; 1976 
 35Happy Hooton Heating Up for Repeat of '75 Verrell, Gordon; 1976 
 36Hooton's Record Ends Before Dodger Throng n; 1976 
 37L.A. Hurlers Feel Wrath of Kingman--3-HR Salvo Lang, Jack; 1976 
 38'We Gotta Fire Both Barrels,' Asserts Hooton Verrell, Gordon; 1977 
 39Hooton, Homers Help Dodgers Even Series - Game Two  1977 
 40 Smith, Red; 1977 
 41No. 20 Top Score Among John's Thrills Verrell, Gordon; 1977 
 42Hooten's Baffling Knuckler Masters Yankee Swingers - Game Two Reidenbaugh, Lowell; 1977 
 43A Playoff Collapse Taught Hooton a Valuable Lesson Verrell, Gordon; 1977 
 44`A Script Written by God' Fimrite, Ron; 1977 
 45The Good Guys Against the Bad Guys Fimrite, Ron; 1977 
 46Kid Welch Gives New Life To Dying Dodgers Verrell, Gordon; 1978 
 47Lopes and Hooton Urge Quick Dodger Signings Verrell, Gordon; 1978 
 48Bowie at Bay - Critics Bomb Voiding of Deal Ray, Ralph; 1978 
 49Dodger Bats Silent With Hooten On Hill Verrell, Gordon; 1978 
 50It's the Happy Hour in L.A., Meaning That Hooton's Hot Verrell, Gordon; 1978 
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