September 3, 2015
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 1Topps Hails Paciorek and Reinbach n; 1972 
 2Price Tages Much Too Hig, Chisox Spurn `Flag Deals' Munzel, Edgar; 1972 
 3Southern Stars Win With Homer n; 1972 
 4Asheville's Reinbach Named MVP n; 1972 
 5Iowa Has First Triple Killing in Five Years n; 1973 
 6Sparks Jittery in Player Comeback Sparks, Joe; 1973 
 7Dent Making Big Splash as New White Sox SS Holtzman, Jerome; 1973 
 8Sparks, Griffey Receive A.A. Post-Season Honors n; 1973 
 9Griffey Leads A.A. Parade Swanson, Pete; 1973 
 10Pale Hose Like Dent, But Count on Leon, Too Holtzman, Jerome; 1973 
 11Chisox Cool to Yankee Pitch for Dent Holtzman, Jerome; 1974 
 12Rookie With Lots of Poise: White Sox Shortstop Dent Holtzman, Jerome; 1974 
 13Kaat, Henderson and Dent Impress Chicago Brass Dozer, Richard; 1974 
 14Dent, Downing Only Chisox Certain of Regular Berths Holtzman, Jerome; 1976 
 15White Sox Miss on Burroughs but Land Zisk Dozer, Richard; 1976 
 16Yanks See Trade Shutout as Sign of Strength Pepe, Phil; 1976 
 17Garr Blasts Bad-Guy Image as Chisox Leader Holtzman, Jerome; 1976 
 18Old Smoothie Richards Wins Young Sox Hearts Holtzman, Jerome; 1976 
 19Security For Everybody  1977 
 20Trade For Gamble Emphasizes Chisox' Need For Ready Cash Dozer, Richard; 1977 
 21Deal For Dent Gives Yanks An All-Star at Every Spot Pepe, Phil; 1977 
 22'Pay Me Like a Shortstop,' Says Dent Dozer, Richard; 1977 
 23Chisox Test Bannister On Infield Dozer, Richard; 1977 
 24Is Ball Livelier? Yes, But, Not Much, Tests Indicate Isle, Stan; 1977 
 25Dejected Dent Decides To Go Unsigned Dozer, Richard; 1977 
 26Why Not a New Batting Stat For Advancing the Runner? Vergara, John; 1977 
 27Runs, Hits and Dollars Axthelm, Pete; 1977 
 28Sometimes Reggie Still Feels Like An Outcast Kornheiser, Tony; 1978 
 29Dent, Jackson Display Class  1978 
 30Chisox See Six Alumni in World Series Dozer, Richard; 1978 
 31Series Heroics Giving Bucky New I-DENT-ity Pepe, Phil; 1978 
 32City Lights: Heartthrobs, Prodigies, Winners, Lost Children Angell, Roger; 1978 
 33Dent and Doyle Dynamite Duo Bisher, Furman; 1978 
 34Yanks Do It With Deadly Duo: Dent, Doyle Reidenbaugh, Lowell; 1978 
 35Little Bucky Is Yanks' Mr. Big in Clutch Pepe, Phil; 1978 
 36Yankee Pennant: Classic White-Wash Pepe, Phil; 1978 
 37Red Sox Tale of Playoff Woe: First Boudreau, Then Dent Broeg, Bob; 1978 
 38The Yankee D Boys Did Double Duty Fimrite, Ron; 1978 
 39Home Free at Last: Rapped, Not Wrapped Up Keith, Larry; 1978 
 40The Goose Fires Golden Eggs For Yankees Pepe, Phil; 1978 
 41The Same Old Song Axthelm, Pete; 1978 
 42Walking Into the Picture Angell, Roger; 1979 
 43Ads Bank On Athletes To Ring Up Those Sales  1979 
 44Every Winter Wind Blows Greenbacks To Bucky Pepe, Phil; 1979 
 45A Day of Light and Shadows Schwartz, Jonathan; 1979 
 46Bucky Dent's 15-Year Search For His Father O'Connor, Richard; 1979 
 47The World Series MVP Director, Roger; 1979 
 48The Dent & Doyle Show Wiped Out the Dodgers Hochman, Stan; 1979 
 49Unpopular Vote  1979 
 50Where Will I Be in 1980? Bucky's Memo To Yankees Pepe, Phil; 1979 
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