December 20, 2014
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 1Royals Speed Up Winter Program of Development McGuff, Joe; 1969 
 2Kids' Report Cards Please Royals McGuff, Joe; 1970 
 3Too Many Good Catchers Muddle Royal Pudding McGuff, Joe; 1971 
 4Kansas City Would Like To Host Another Convention in October...The World Series Ward, Robert; 1976 
 5Royals See Benefits in Swap Shutout McGuff, Joe; 1976 
 6Healthy Healy Royals' Chief Concern McGuff, Joe; 1976 
 7Royals Find Bullpen Help in the `Hall-Way' McGuff, Joe; 1976 
 8`I Plan to Win 20,' Says Royals' Ace Leonard Bordman, Sid; 1976 
 9Buck the Brewer Wants To Stay, However- Gonring, Mike; 1978 
 10Thomas Shares AL Whiff Mark  1979 
 11Galasso's Lasso Bullpen Beauty To Brewers Flaherty, Tom; 1979 
 12New Secret Weapon: Brewer Thomas Won '79 HR Title, But Few People Knew It Flaherty, Tom; 1980 
 13They Couldn't Throw Him Out: A's Rickey Henderson Cracks Cobb Record Stier, Kit; 1980 
 14Buck Is Settling in With Brewers Flaherty, Tom; 1980 
 15Berenguer's Theirs MacCarl, Neil; 1981 
 16Jays Pitchers Get Lift From Martinez MacCarl, Neil; 1981 
 17Blue Jays' Martinez May Test Market MacCarl, Neil; 1981 
 18Hot Blue Jays Arouse Fans MacCarl, Neil; 1983 
 19n; 1983 
 20A First: Jays Have 5 Coaches MacCarl, Neil; 1984 
 21'Best I Can Do' Says Hot Leal MacCarl, Neil; 1984 
 22Skidding Jays Fight To Hold 2nd Place MacCarl, Neil; 1984 
 23The Strike of `85: Called On Account of Reasonableness  1985 
 24Alfresco Angell, Roger; 1985 
 25Alfresco Angell, Roger; 1985 
 26 Hecht, Henry; 1985 
 27Jays' Gillick Keeps Dealin' MacCarl, Neil; 1985 
 28Martinez Expects; To Bounce Back Woolsey, Garth; 1985 
 29From Worst to First: the Toronto Blue Jays in 1985 Martinez, Buck; 1985 
 30The Last Out: the Toronto Blue Jays in 1986 Martinez, Buck; 1986 
 31Catcher's Extra 'Weapon': Distracting the Hitter Schultz, Randy; 1986 
 32 MacCarl, Neil; 1986 
 33 MacCarl, Neil; 1986 
 34Feuds a Result of Pitched Battles Wendel, Tim; 1992 
 35Rigors of Rookiehood Examined Snyder, Deron; 1993 
 36Toronto Blue Jays  1997 
 37Toronto Blue Jays  1997 
 38Twins Face Busy Offseason: Proposed Move Aside, GM Keeps His Focus On Personnel Pascarelli, Peter; 1997 
 39Toronto Blue Jays  1997 
 40Big Bang Theory: the Notion That Power Hitters Explode When Baseball's Universe Expands Is as Much Fiction as Fact Snyder, Deron; 1997 
 41Strange and Unusual  1998 
 42More Baseball Bloodlines Heiss, Dana; 1999 
 43Franchise All-Nickname Teams: Blue Jays Zminda, Don; 1999 
 44Double Switch; Buck Martinez is About to Take On a Brand-New Role - One He's Been Rehearsing For His Whole Life Kurkjian, Tim; 2001 
 45Toronto Blue Jays  2001 
 46Toronto Blue Jays  2001 
 47Toronto Blue Jays  2001 
 48Toronto Blue Jays  2001 
 49Toronto Blue Jays  2001 
 50Sirotka Injury Leaves Staff Short-armed  2001 
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