September 2, 2015
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 1Richard Hailed as King of the Wild Frontier Shattuck, Harry; 1979 
 2Chaos Or Playoff, It's Phils On Top Reidenbaugh, Lowell; 1980 
 3Turner and Bochy Plug Padre Holes Collier, Phil; 1983 
 4Bench Rotting From Inactivity Collier, Phil; 1985 
 5 Collier, Phil; 1986 
 6 Collier, Phil; 1986 
 7 Collier, Phil; 1986 
 8High Desert Vs San Bernardino Delany, Maureen; 1991 
 9New Skippers Koenig, Bill; 1992 
 10Padres Complete Staff With Minor Adjustments Koenig, Bill; 1992 
 11Signs To Batters: They're Part Art and Part Con Olney, Buster; 1993 
 12San Diego Padres  1994 
 13San Diego Padres  1994 
 14San Diego Padres  1994 
 15Former Catcher Back To Calling Games  1994 
 16San Diego Padres  1995 
 17San Diego Padres  1995 
 18San Diego Padres  1995 
 19San Diego Padres  1995 
 20No Crack in Resolve of NL Batting Champ  1995 
 21Preparations Complicated: Plans Remain Fluid, For Now Rains, Rob; 1995 
 22San Diego Padres  1995 
 23San Diego Padres  1995 
 24Firefighter Union Sounds An Alarm: Publicity Gets Too Hot For Padres Tryouts Snyder, Deron; 1995 
 25San Diego Padres  1995 
 26San Diego Padres  1995 
 27San Diego Padres  1995 
 28San Diego Padres  1996 
 29A Whole Body Experience: Caminiti Knows One Way To Play Schlegel, John; 1996 
 30San Diego Padres  1996 
 31Bochy Wins Antonen, Mel; 1996 
 32MVP Caminiti Plays Beyond Stats Beaton, Rod; 1996 
 33Stottlemyre Beats Playoff Demons and Holds Off San Diego Sluggers Wieberg, Steve; 1996 
 34Spitting Denounced By Players and Fans  1996 
 35Managing Success: LaRussa Turns Around Cards in a Hurry Johnson, Chuck; 1996 
 36Caminiti Tries To Shutout Talk of MVP Chances Johnson, Chuck; 1996 
 37Which Managers Use the Hit-and-Run Most Effectively? Neyer, Rob; 1996 
 38San Diego Padres  1996 
 39San Diego Padres  1996 
 40Two On Tap is Cedeno Should Falter  1996 
 41Bochy Rewarded With Extension  1996 
 42Bochy Rewarded With Extension  1996 
 43San Diego Padres  1996 
 44Bruce Bochy STATS, Inc.; 1996 
 45San Diego Padres  1997 
 46Would That Be Sheffield Or Bonilla? McQuay, Timothy; 1997 
 47San Diego Padres  1997 
 48Padres Could Be the Marlins of 1998 Williams, Pete; 1997 
 49  1997 
 50San Diego Padres  1997 
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