August 30, 2015
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 1Royals Testing Young Hurlers Fish, Mike; 1984 
 2Motor City Madmen: the Tigers Are Carving Their Way Through April as They Never Have Before Gage, Tom; 1984 
 3 Hecht, Henry; 1984 
 4Starting Rotation Startling Opponents Fish, Mike; 1984 
 5Royals Capture Both Player of Month Awards in A.L.  1985 
 6Saberhagen's Goals Now Include 20 Wins Fish, Mike; 1985 
 7To Missouri Angell, Roger; 1985 
 8To Missouri Angell, Roger; 1985 
 9Saberhagen in His Glory Martinez, Michael; 1985 
 10Baseball '85: Sneak Previews-American League Harrelson, Ken; 1985 
 11Attaboy, Bret Swift, E.M.; 1985 
 12In '85, Cy Young Awards Are Aptly Named Lang, Jack; 1985 
 13Royals Salute 'Electoral Victory' Fish, Mike; 1985 
 14MLB Slides Past 'Sport' On MVP Raissman, Robert; 1985 
 15Unheralded K.C. Romps To Throne Room Nightingale, Dave; 1985 
 16The Champs: Overachievers Or Not, Royals Earned Victory Over Inept Cardinals Attner, Paul; 1985 
 17Tidy Job By Saberhagen While White Cleans Up Nightingale, Dave; 1985 
 18Big Rewards For Big Awards  1985 
 19Saberhagen States Case Fish, Mike; 1985 
 20A.L. Oscars For Mattingly, Saberhagen Gammons, Peter; 1985 
 21Howser Says Staff Is Not Weary Fish, Mike; 1985 
 22A Full Week of Royal Treatment Kaplan, Jim; 1985 
 23Young Ace Saberhagen Deserves Salute Gammons, Peter; 1985 
 24 Hecht, Henry; 1985 
 25Bret Saberhagen: a New Member of Majors' Pitching Elite Etkin, Jack; 1985 
 26Falling Cards Callahan, Tom; 1985 
 27Sweet Prelude to Playoffs Callahan, Tom; 1985 
 28Goodenough: the Jinx Boswell, Thomas; 1986 
 29Sickly Saberhagen Skips Opener Nightengale, Bob; 1986 
 30 Nightengale, Bob; 1986 
 31A Nice Finish to Day in N.Y. Nightengale, Bob; 1986 
 32Top Moundsmen Strike It Rich  1986 
 338 Seeking $1 Million Or More in Arbitration Chass, Murray; 1986 
 34517 Pct. Hike to Saberhagen? Fish, Mike; 1986 
 35 Fish, Mike; 1986 
 36K.C.'s Dominant, Not `Complacent' Klein, Moss; 1986 
 37 Nightengale, Bob; 1986 
 38Champions Pay Price Nightengale, Bob; 1986 
 39Baseball Superstars Herbert, Mike; 1986 
 40Careers of Ten Big League Stars at the Crossroads Vass, George; 1986 
 41How They Spent Their Winter Vacation: Did Success Spoil Saberhagen? Nightengale, Bob; 1987 
 42There Were Majors' Leading Comeback Players of '87 Vass, George; 1987 
 43Here Are Some Early Nominations for MVP, Cy Young, Rookie Awards Kuenster, John; 1987 
 44Royals Players Will Pay Price for 76-86 Finish Nightengale, Bob; 1987 
 45Robbing the Cradle: in Hopes of Locking a Young Don Mattingly Or Bret Saberhagen Into a Cheap, Long-term Deal, Equipment Companies Scour the Minor Leagues, Offering Peanuts. Comte, Elizabeth; 1988 
 46Baseball's Hot New Stars Gutman, Bill; 1988 
 47A Place For Bright Starts Callahan, Tom; 1988 
 48Are Their Days Numbered? Kim, Albert; 1989 
 49Player Profiles STATS, Inc.; Bill James; 1989 
 50O's Find Winning Ways Henneman, Jim; 1989 
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