August 28, 2015
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 1Yankees Shed Baylor, Phil Niekro Madden, Bill; 1986 
 2The Hit Man Hits Back Gammons, Peter; 1989 
 3Growing Salaries Worry Tewksbury O'Neill, Dan; 1991 
 4Career Win 100 Worth the Effort  1991 
 5Tewksbury Becomes Ace in Hole  1991 
 6Paint a Pitcher Lidz, Franz; 1991 
 7What is the "Red Barrett Trophy?" Dewan, John; Don Zminda; STATS, Inc.; 1991 
 8Who Are the Slowest-Starting Batteries? Dewan, John; Don Zminda; STATS, Inc.; 1991 
 9Tewksbury's Travels Not Always First Class Rains, Rob; 1992 
 10Other (cont.) Wendel, Tim; Rains, Rob; 1992 
 11From Bum To Hero: One Team's Fallen Star Is Another Team's Superstar Just Ask Gary Sheffield, Terry Pendleton, Dennis Eckersley and a Host of Other One-time Castaways Schlossberg, Dan; 1992 
 12Odd Duo Rains, Rob; 1992 
 13Health, More Hits Are Needed Rains, Rob; 1992 
 14Artistic Trio Give Pitching Stress the Brushoff Chung, Jeanie; 1992 
 15Tewksbury Earns His Wings Rains, Rob; 1992 
 16The Dazzling Dozen: Bob Tewksbury Wendel, Tim; Rains, Rob; Snyder, Deron; 1992 
 17Close Competition For Year-end Praise Rains, Rob; 1992 
 18Who Takes 'Em, Who Swings at 'Em, Who Fouls 'Em Off? Dewan, John; Don Zminda; STATS, Inc.; 1992 
 191992 Player Profiles (cont.) STATS, Inc.; 1992 
 20St. Louis Cardinals (cont.) STATS, Inc.; 1992 
 21St.Louis Cardinals Report Williams, Pete; 1993 
 22Betweena the Lines Kurkjian, Tim, Ed.; 1993 
 23Cards Aren't Stacked, But They 'dog People' Klis, Mike; 1993 
 24Dimming All-Stars Rains, Rob; 1993 
 25Some Odds and Ends Left Over From the '92 Season Davids, Bob; 1993 
 26Feeding Frenzy Begins With the Must-haves Hunt, John; 1993 
 27Might Makes Right For Jordan Williams, Pete; 1993 
 28St. Louis Cardinals: How Important is Tewksbury's Pinpoint Control? Dewan, John; Don Zminda; STATS, Inc.; 1993 
 29Rating The Pitchers Bondy, Filip; 1993 
 301993 Player Profiles (cont.) STATS, Inc.; 1993 
 31St. Louis Cardinals STATS, Inc.; 1993 
 32Cincinnati Reds  1994 
 33St. Louis Cardinals  1994 
 34St. Louis Cardinals Report  1994 
 35St. Louis Cardinals  1994 
 361994 Player Profiles (cont.) STATS, Inc.; 1994 
 37Sweet Swinger: Hyperactive, Elvis-Loving Gregg Jefferies is Happily Hitting a Ton for the St. Louis Cardinals Garrity, John; 1994 
 38Texas Rangers  1995 
 39Texas Rangers  1995 
 40Texas Rangers  1995 
 41Big Guns Back For Stretch Run: Returnees Could Figure Into Pennant, Wild-card Races Koenig, Bill; 1995 
 42Texas Rangers  1995 
 43San Diego Padres  1995 
 44Union Makes Coaches, Managers Feel the Pinch Rains, Rob; 1995 
 45Texas Rangers  1995 
 46Texas Rangers  1995 
 47Texas Rangers  1995 
 48Texas Rangers  1995 
 49Are High-Pitch Outings on the Way Out? Dewan, John; Don Zminda; STATS, Inc.; 1995 
 501995 Player Profiles (cont.) STATS, Inc.; 1995 
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