September 2, 2015
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 1Dernier Is Cool To Switch Plans Bodley, Hal; 1982 
 2Phils' Rise Linked To Swift Dernier Bodley, Hal; 1982 
 3Phil Attack Bolstered By Dernier's Speed Bodley, Hal; 1982 
 4Dernier a Survivor of Phil Experiment Bodley, Hal; 1983 
 5Phillies Give Dernier a Look at Shortstop  1983 
 6The Whole World Was Rooting For the Cubs: a Personal Report On the Chicago Cubs of 1984 Gifford, Barry; 1984 
 7Chicago Fan Diary Aronson, Judy; 1984 
 8Last-Minute Deals Unpopular in Philly Pascarelli, Peter; 1984 
 9Acquisitions Put Buckner On Bench Van Dyck, Dave; 1984 
 10Cotto in Center of Cubs' Surge Goddard, Joe; 1984 
 11Andujar, Dernier Join Gold Glove Club Henkey, Ben; 1984 
 12Cub Pilgrimages Adler, Linda; 1984 
 13Ashburn Has Eager Pupil in Dernier Bodley, Hal; 1984 
 14Cubs Expect They'll Continue To Improve Goddard, Joe; 1984 
 15Baseball's Igniters; Baby, They Can Light a Fire Goddard, Joe; 1984 
 16Happy Reunion at Top of Order Van Dyck, Dave; 1984 
 17Dernier Hails Matthews as Cub Leader Isle, Stan; 1984 
 18Loss Won't Be Easy For Cubs Fans Goddard, Joe; 1984 
 19Cubs Win!: A Celebration of the 1984 Chicago Cubs Logan, Bob; 1984 
 20Bob Dernier: At Long Last a Center Fielder For Cubs Imrem, Mike; 1984 
 21Heart Is Matthews' Gift To the Cubs Goddard, Joe; 1985 
 22Dernier Signs Three-Year Contract Goddard, Joe; 1985 
 23Injuries Can't Sap Cubs' Confidence Goddard, Joe; 1985 
 24Eight Who'd Better Be Great Ringolsby, Tracy; 1985 
 25They Call Me Sarge: An Intimate Look At the Personal and Professional Gary Matthews Mitchell, Fred; 'Sarge'; 1985 
 26`Ten Hits in One Day!'  1985 
 27Bob Dernier: Captain of the Cubs Outfield Mitchell, Fred; 1986 
 28Leyva Calls Ontiveros `Marvelous' Brown, Bill; 1989 
 29Dernier Gives Giants Nightmares Brown, Bill; 1989 
 30Gone, But Not Forgotten; Among the 10,000-Plus Home Runs in Cubs History, Here Are Our Top 10 Wallner, Jeff M.; 1996 
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